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Marriages are a function of Elgeis which allows two players to become betrothed. The nation affiliations below are all from the date of marriage, not current.

Partner 1 Nation Partner 2 Nation Marriage Date Status Type
hongstoes ToeGANG ongstoes ToeGANG 05/27/2019 Together National
06Smg05 Bagelonia Carpo_Diem Goomlandia 05/31/2019 Together International
Abstacious Montrose argetlam04 Montrose 06/02/2019 Together National
FlyingGMM Montrose Juzomi Montrose Unknown Separated National
CapYoThighs HUM GoatWhisperer HUM N/A Engaged National
MedimaNN Vanskovich Scampo12 Lucagrad 07/12/2019 Widowed International
Magos_Aspace Vailan vetous Vailan 07/28/2019 Widowed National
CosCus Vailan Flashy10 Vailan 07/29/2019 Separated National
GoatWhisperer HUM Stimkies Montrose 07/30/2019 Separated International
Buckman_62 Vailan Flashy10 Vailan 08/02/2019 Separated National
cimcimmy Kovska HugeMoistNameJef Kovska 11/27/2019 Widowed National
CactusLicker Progeria Keetsu Progeria 12/04/2019 Separated National
BenDrawsBadly Yugoslavia Karlay_With_A_K Yugoslavia 12/08/2019 Separated National
goomyman77 Goomlandia MiksaSerbia Vailan 12/08/2019 Widowed International
_EightZero_ Aomi FlyingGMM Montrose 12/15/2019 Together International
BenDrawsBadly Yugoslavia LFT_SYNK Yugoslavia 12/15/2019 Separated National
DoctorProck Goomlandia Zenythynx Goomlandia 12/15/2019 Separated National
Karlay_With_A_K Yugoslavia LFT_SYNK Yugoslavia 12/15/2019 Separated National
bantam_BATman Hightower Curtiewormz Hightower 12/18/2019 Widower National
Flashy10 Vailan TheLemonZest Vailan 12/20/2019 Widower National
wisteriablossoms Montrose Zenythynx Montrose 12/22/2019 Together National
ghostmas0111 Kovska HugeMoistNameJef Kovska 12/26/2019 Separated National
HugeMoistNameJef Kovska stargourdian Kovska 12/26/2019 Together National
fbia34 HUM Grooge64 Goomlandia 01/06/2019 Separated International
cherryAdvocate Goomlandia DoctorProck Goomlandia 01/19/2020 Together National
DreamsofViolet Vailan Magos_Aspace Vailan 04/16/2020 Together National
Chipt Montrose Littlest15 Rhett 04/24/2020 Separated International
Doctor_Hound Fianna thepolg Schevakia 06/10/2020 Together International
Grooge69 Montrose tagtag Montrose 07/13/2020 Separated National
Chipt Cascadia tagtag Montrose 08/02/2020 Separated International
ArcherAce Farnough Banksy007 FELN 08/15/2020 Together International
Grooge64 Goomlandia StonkseleksI Goomlandia 08/27/2020 Together National
MiksullDanys Montrose tagtag Montrose 09/27/2020 Together National
Chipt Yugoslavia Sunflame1155 Montrose 10/06/2020 Separated International
ProjectHoplite Caracalistan WorkablePuffin Caracalistan 11/26/2020 Separated National
coblue kaab fbia34 HUM 12/21/2020 Widower International
FinFaux Goomlandia Terranelm Sylthiem 01/16/2021 Together International
0kej Wohlstand HALF_LIE_34427 Wohlstand 01/24/2021 Separated National
camaradultudor Vastilis WorkablePuffin Vastilis 02/15/2021 Separated National
Borg_Minion Syltheim Chipt Syltheim 02/20/2021 Together National
goosejuic3 Syltheim Habit_Cat Syltheim 04/10/2021 Separated National
DeathPercent Montrose Endossi Montrose 04/17/2021 Separated National
Habit_Cat Syltheim MaddHtR08 Montrose 04/19/2021 Separated International
camaradultudor Montrose 0kej Wohlstand 04/19/2021 Separated International
GymShady69 Wohlstand HALF_LIE_34427 Wohlstand 05/09/2021 Seperated National
Captin_Roman Goomlandia coblue Kaab 05/14/2021 Separated International
Captin_Roman Goomlandia coblue Kaab 06/03/2021 Separated International
Captin_Roman Goomlandia coblue Kaab 06/06/2021 Together International
DeathPercent FauxFord Endossi Bardum 06/07/2021 Seperated International
pdln Syltheim Pec_kle Wohlstand 06/25/2021 Together International
Endossi Bardum GymShady69 Wohlstand 07/11/2021 Together International
H0PLlTE Vastilis haddock7 Vastilis 07/20/2021 Together National
Jewsh_Pole Wohlstand PAV_III Wohlstand 07/28/2021 Together National