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Magos_Aspace joined the server on May 31st, 2019 after being recruited by vetous to join Vailan. He was the first member of Vailan to join after the time of Oarfans leading him to regard the man as entirely divine. Magos_Aspace was initally hesitant to join the server since after playing on previous servers with Vetous and Flashy it turned into them building things while Magos_Aspace just farmed however, Magos_Aspace was convinced to join after being informed of the politcal aspect of the server.

Political Career

Vailan Department of the Interior

Magos_Aspace’s formal time within the political sphere began as the founding minister of the Vailan Department of the Interior (VDI). Under Minister Magos_Aspace the VDI began a massive expansion of food production in order to fuel the growing economy of Vailan. By single handedly covering the entire food needs of Vailan the state was able to grow as builders and miners could continue only doing what the loved.

The VDI was heavily involved with the One Belt, One River initiative created by Flasy10. Magos_Aspace primarily worked on the construction of internal rail lines to allow for easier movement of people and material.

Magos_Aspace created a sub department of the VDI called the Vailan Bureau of Land Management (VBLM) in order to involve the VDI in forcing a war between Sylvia and Vailan. In conjunction with Flasy10 and Buckman_62 VBLM unilaterally declared that Sylvian land belonged to Vailan and authorized the construction of the canal/lock along the Sen River. MC World News postings by Flasy10, and Magos_Aspace intentionally lead to hightented tensions between Sylvia and Vailan. The conflict eventually came to a head when GoatWhisper and vetous me to negotiate a settlement. Magos_Aspace resigned from the VDI while,Flashy10 and Buckman_62 felt disenfranchised by vetous for not pursuing the path of war. Their hatred of Sylvia and desire for conflict eventually led to the founding of the Vailan Nationalist Party.

Warden of the East

On June 25th, 2019 Magos_Aspace was called back up into government service as the Warden of the East a title he holds to this day. The primary job as Warden of the East was to keep lands in holding for future development and extract the resources of the eat for Vailan’s use. Magos_Aspace worked with building trust and stronger political ties to Stradova helping lay the foundation for the Northern Alliance.

The Battle of Brothers was the largest and most significant conflict in the history of Vailan. It marked the only time that the nation was ever divided and pitted the Loyalist forces of vetous and Magos_Aspace against the Nationalist forces of Flasy10 and Buckman_62. Despite being a vocal member of the nationalist party Magos_Aspace believed in “my country right or wrong”, so despite politically agreeing with the nationalist agenda he stayed loyal to the crown. Magos_Aspace was tasked as the Grand Inquisitor of the Brotherhood of Oarfans.

Magos_Aspace and vetous got married on July 29th, 2019 in the Tower of Babble. The wedding was facilitated by Captin_Roman and the best man was Flashy10. The wedding between vetous and Magos_Aspace served as a great unifying force healing the tear created by the battle of brothers. internally, events of the night left Vailan united and stronger than ever.

During the Great Northern War between The Kingdom of Vailan and the Sylvian Union Magos_Aspace played a very minor part as the war could not happen on its intended day, and Magos_Aspace had IRL commitments. However he was one of the most bellicose members of Vailan for provoking the Sylvian Union. Following the conclusion of the war Magos_Aspace became largely inactive with the rest of Vailan yet remaind present in the discord.

Lord Regent

On October 29, 2019 Magos_Aspace stepped in and took control of The Kingdom of Vailan. The Right Honorable, High King, Vetous had long desired to step back from the foreground of politics stepping down with his sickness. The transfer of faction leadership is significant because it is the first time in the kingdom’s history that power has ever been transferred from one individual to another. Additionally, Magos_Aspace was not a member of the original Vailandic group. Under the leadership of Magos_Aspace Vailan remained in a state of stagnation with no significant change to the borders of the nation. Magos_Aspace's term as regent ended with the return of Flashy10 and Vetous during the Vailandic Renaissance. Magos_Aspace's last act as Lord Regent was to author the Concordant of the Vail and the Codex of the Vail which served as the foundation of the new government. Magos_Aspace political career within Vailan was brought to a close with the foundation of the Church of Oarfans as a pillar of the state.

Religious Career

11/19/2019 Magos_Aspace became the first Diarh of Vailan with the task of, "To hold all citizens to the moral standards of the north, enforce laws, and protect overseas Oarfanist." During the creation of the High Table Magos ordained Captin_Roman and DreamsofViolet into the Church as two Wardens to ensure that the traditionalist views of Vailan would be represented in making decisions. Magos_Aspace was a strict adherent to the rules outlined in the Codex of the Vail. Magos_Aspace continues holding the office of the Diarch to this day.


Magos_Aspace has only ever built two buildings on the entire server!

Magos_Aspace has only ever been killed by Flasy10!

Magos_Aspace is considered the most incompetent Minecraft player in Vailan! Like I am low key shit :)

Magos_Aspace name is not "Magos"... that's a title!