Vailandic Renaissance

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"Is it time to rekindle that Vailan superiority?" - TheLemonZest (11/14/2020)


The Vailan Renaissance is a period of time between mid-November 2019 to King Vetous the First's death in mid-January 2020. This period signified a 'return to form' for most of Vailan, as Flashy10 had been reinstated as a significant figure in Vailandic government, and Vetous had retaken control from Magos_Aspace, who had acted as a regent leader in his stead. During this period, Vailan's homestead saw the largest period of internal growth since Vailan's inception; leading to an increase in industrial production, a significant change in Vailan's government, and a significant change in Vailandic foreign policy.

Period History


Due to the unrest during the Hiatus Period, Vailan had lost several player members and the respect of several major nations. Notably, Flashy10's raid on inner-Sylvia (a result of a Sylvian led ultimatum), had led much of the international community and inner-Vailan to believing that a strong armed foreign policy would be the best to approach 'nulling' the international situation. This position was mostly led by Magos_Aspace, as his ambition was to endure and enjoy conflict for as long as possible, as he had missed most of the combat during the Great War. As a result, Vailan veered on a breaking point, where major internal forces found themselves at odds on how to barter for a happy Vailan. Just prior to the beginning of the period, Flashy10 rejoined Vailan after being reinvited by Magos, leading to a second ultimatum being posed to Vailan; give up Flashy and give up land, or be destroyed.

This ultimatum was seen unfit by both parts of Vailan internal affairs, but war advocates wished to see the end of 'cocky Sylvian officials' while it was prevalent that such a war would only wreck havoc on both nations, and would largely be a reprise of the Great War, which ended in haste as a result of an evident 'forever-war'. Vailan had also just undergone renovations and progress in being rebuilt after Frizfamipad's raid on Fjall, leading to much of the damage to be extremely raw. As a result, a deal was cut out to cede the southern land of Southsen to Montrose in exchange for Flashy's ambivalent return. This deal is still regarded by some in the Vailandic region as a 'bad deal', but would go on to define the internal and external growth for the next two months.

Internal Development

During this time, members of Vailan were given autonomous privileges to continue expansion on Fjall (a project that had long been mostly Vetous') and continue the proper expansion of new cities and towns. A reformed Flashy10 dedicated most of this time to the creation of two new towns in the Western Vailic Expanse. Vestbrook and Birchtown became two smaller, but equally beautiful, towns within Vailan; with Vestbrook on the Southsen border.