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Welcome to the Elgeis Minecraft Server wiki! This wiki is a collaborative effort made by anyone on the server who wants to participate in writing down its history. If you're thinking about joining the server, feel free to check out our website here and our rules here for further information.

What is Elgeis?

Elgeis Minecraft Server, formerly known as LGSMC, is a semi-private Minecraft server with almost 300 current members. The server is owned by GoatWhisperer, who manages technical issues, server hosting, domain registration, and navigation of complex policy issues. FlyingGMM is the server co-owner, helping lead the staff team for the Discord and Minecraft servers, which includes admins Grooge64, CreeperColder, Doctor_Hound, StonkseleksI, and Magos_Aspace, who serves a moderator.

LGSMC was started on August 30th, 2018, as one of many Minecraft servers hosted for LGS. (LGS is the name of the friend group from which GoatWhisperer, FlyingGMM, AbstractEgg, 06Smg05, and several other members of the server come from.) However, the server died in late September of this year. It was revived in late November by FlyingGMM posting ads in various circles (Facebook groups, Politics and War discord servers, etc.) to try to get new players on the server to revive it. This succeeded, and the server has had a period of great and growing activity ever since. In late November 2019, the server and the world it is set in was renamed to "Elgeis" (still pronounced L-G-S.)

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