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Doctor_Hound joined the server on October 10th, 2019. He became a founding member of Fianna, started by his friend mr_gidyup, soon after joining. Doctor_Hound is responsible for many major projects around Fianna, including the lighthouse, Joe LaPorte bridge, and most notably, his tavern. For his achievements in restoring Dwarf Island, he is greatly respected among the Kingdom of Fianna, and was considered mr_gidyup's second-in-command. Now, Doctor_Hound has rose to leadership as he is the Head King of Fianna.

Joining Fianna

Doctor_Hound was invited to Fianna after joining the server. Upon arriving to Dwarf Island for the first time, it could only be described as an eye sore. War-torn from the Turtle Time War, Doctor_Hound, mr_gidyup, and ghost092599 searched the remains of whatever was left in hopes of possibly re-utilizing it for their own use. Unfortunately, any redstone components were destroyed in the conflict or salvaged by others before Fianna's arrival. The decision was made to abandon trying to repair any old building and use their materials toward new buildings. The only building that was able to be repaired was a sugarcane farm.

Together, Doctor_Hound, mr_gidyup, and ghost092599 laid the foundation for Fianna's future with many hours of hard work, terraforming, building, and making the island appealing to look at.

Military Record

Bearing the flag of the Fenians, as of writing, Doctor_Hound has had an arguably very successful military career. He has led several successful operations in his time on Elgeis. Listed below are brief descriptions of each conflict he has participated in.

Vansk-Fiannan War

During the first month on the server, Fianna entered a short fought war against Vanskovich, which ended in a decisive victory for the Fenians. Doctor_Hound scouted and developed the strategic seizing of Vanskovich's capital island, and lead his fellow tribesmen into enemy territory. The plan did not unfold as expected due to every members lack of knowledge on the factions plugin, but managed to make the best of the situation with minor hiccups along the way.

The Gimnkrasni Estate Raid

As a presumed retaliation for the destruction of Vanskovich, MedimaNN raided Fianna's treasury and stole their entire supply of diamonds and emeralds. Doctor_Hound led the investigation on everyone in the server, and with some consulting from trusted community members, MedimaNN became the prime suspect. With that knowledge, Doctor_Hound ventured north and sneaked into Medi's estate while he was offline. He took the time to gather screenshots of the layout and possible locations of their stolen goods. With these screenshots a tactical plan was developed, and executed later that night.

A Fenian SWAT team traveled back to his estate and breached the front doors with TNT cannons. They quickly swarmed inside and two units held Medi at gunpoint. Despite mass confusion from Medi and the rest of the server, Doctor_Hound kept his teams focus and forced Medi to unclaim his land. The Estate had chests searched, floors stripped, and finally after about 15 minutes, Fianna had recovered their stolen treasure. Due to this search and seize of the estate, Fianna unintentionally exposed Medi for several other crimes. Doctor_Hound believes this event proved his capability as a tactician and leader, as well as proving Fianna's capabilities.

Fenian-Nyanian War

Doctor_Hound led the assault against Nyania on January 13th, 2020. With the help of fbia34, they convinced frayman to allow himself to be spawn-killed so chunks could be claimed over. Moments after the conflict began, Doctor_Hound had effectively won the war for Fianna. With his city and items claimed over, Mejackmac had no choice but to submit to the will of his demands. Without any real fighting, Mejackmac lost a war he arguably never had a chance of winning to begin with, and was humiliated in the fashion he lost his nation.