The Joe LaPorte Bridge

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Planning and Construction

The Joe LaPorte bridge, after the flattening of Derek's Terrace

In the early days of the Fianna Tribe, most structures were focused on the main section of Dwarf Island. The southeastern section of the island was previously planned by Vanskovich to be used for a hotel. Early in the Industrialization phase, Fianna sought to build a ranch with which to raise animals. The eastern portion of the main island proved too rugged and stony, and so they made plans to build upon the southeastern section (soon to be called Derek's Terrace, now called Medoh). It was then that Doctor_Hound constructed a bridge in order to cross the river which separated the section from mainland Fianna. He constructed it from oak wood, and outfitted the top with automatic nightlights. He decided to name the bridge after Joe LaPorte, a legendary figure in Fiannan folklore. The Fenians also saw the Terrace as a suitable spot for farmland, and decided to flatten the area out. Darth_Percy was assigned to the task, and flattened out nearly the entire area, extending all the way to the beach. However, he had destroyed the hill which the Joe LaPorte bridge connected to, making the bridge near-inoperable. This was solved when mr_gidyup placed a diagonal staircase leading downward where the hill once stood.


On 1/11/2020, ghost092599 discovered that nearly every building and piece of infrastructure on Fianna had been griefed by an unknown actor. Among most of the buildings on Derek's Terrace, the Joe LaPorte bridge was found to be nearly entirely destroyed. This incident led to the Fenian-Nyanian war, in which the Kingdom of Fianna besieged the Nyanians and forced them to disband.


Around 1/28/2020, mr_gidyup had rebuilt the Joe LaPorte Bridge with a few new additions. Namely, he had remade the bridge in a bespoke style which led to a directly level section of Medoh; the oak material of the previous Joe LaPorte Bridge was replaced with stone and terracotta to prevent future burnings. He had also deemed a roof unnecessary, considering the short length and sleeker look of the new bridge.

The reconstructed Joe LaPorte Bridge