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mr_gidyup was born in the Northern Hinterlands of The Kingdom of Vailan. He created a small hill fortress in the borderlands to get by where it still stands today.

The hill fortress built by mr_gidyup

'Founding Fianna

Backed by Sylvia, he decided to settle down on Dwarf Island which was then owned by Vanskovich. This created a conflict between the two powers, however the conflict was averted by Grooge64. Grooge bought the island from Vanskovich for an amount of a stack of diamond, and gifted the island to mr_gidyup in hopes of stopping any large war. He took the land and founded the nation of Fianna thus stopping any possible large scale conflict.

Chat logs between mr_gidyup and MedimaNN

Fianna was in a bad state when handed over from Vanskovich, as it was not fixed from the damage done during the Turtle Time War. mr_gidyup then set about recruiting fellows to join his faction and revitalize the area. After acquiring a few men they set to work recreating the demolished tavern, as well as the various clutter of the island.