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"cough" - fbia34



After joining Goomlandia on October 23, 2019, fbia34 soon became the official Goomlandian foreign agent. As a foreign agent, fbia34's main contribution was during the Fianna-Vanskovich conflict when Goomlandia and Vanskovich merged. His time as a foreign agent and citizen of Goomlandia came to an end on November 22, 2019 when fbia34 left Goomlandia to join Yugoslavia.


In Yugoslavia, fbia34 accomplished much and made many friends. Soon after joining Yugoslavia on November 22, 2019, fbia34 became a Yugoslavian diplomat. One of fbia34's major accomplishments during his time as a diplomat was persuading the Nyanians to join Yugoslavia under the Nyan Banate along wiht frayman once Nyania had collapsed.



As fbia34 joined the Sylvian Union on February 16, 2020, he joined the state of HUM. In HUM, he brought over Kuench from Yugoslavia and recruited Wolfdogbud as well. The bulk of fbia34's involvement in Sylvia came from his job as a Sylvian Intelligence Operative and in East Taiga where he built Basharshire which was later renamed to Etel Metsia.

Federal Province

In the last week of Sylvia's lifetime, fbia34 left HUM to live in the Federal Province. After the Sylvian Union collapsed on December 27, 2020, he kept the land and started the nation of Etel Metsia.

Etel Metsia

In the post-Sylvian Union Etel Metsia, fbia34 did not accomplish much as he merged his nation with HUM on December 28, 2020.


During his time in an independent HUM, fbia34 accomplished much. He started the Assembly of Politikal Discourse and hosted two meetings, started a photography business, and won the giveaway of Carpoversary II.


On February 3, 2021, fbia34 revealed that he had been battling a sickness for months. As he saw his death approaching, he left all his belongings to HUM and compiled his final thoughts in a document titled Final thoughts from a sickly man. In summary, it looked back on his time on Elgeis as he jumped through various nations and parts of the world. The document was concluded with some of his passing thoughts and emotions. The full document can be read here.

Other Information