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This article is about the nation disbanded 4/20/2020. For the Republic of Yugoslavia, see Vostok. For the modern-day nation of Jugoslavija, see Jugoslavija.


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Yugoslav Oldspeak: Краљевина Југославија) [officially "Yugoslavia"] was a kingdom in the Southeast. The kingdom was allied only with Schevakia. The nation had an isolationist border policy and was at one time the second strongest power in the world, until stagnation eventually caused it to collapse during the Balkan Troubles.


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia adopted Yugoslav Oldfaith. Oldfaith in Yugoslavia dated back to when it was founded—and is thought to be an abstracted form of Юseferianism.


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was an absolute monarchy (with heavy collectivist tendencies), implying that the King was to make all of the country's decisions, answering to nobody but the deities venerated in the state religion. Before death or retirement, the King was also responsible for choosing an heir to the throne. The King also appointed dukes (called "Vojvodes") as advisors and informants for decisions, who were responsible for taking care of different aspects of everyday life in the Kingdom. While the King was not required by law to ask the opinion of the people, He was known to do so out of love and respect for the people.

Although a monarchy, Yugoslavia did place an emphasis on collectivism, summarized in the following quote: "Give your all to the fatherland, and the fatherland will give all to you." Each subject would paid some kind of homage to the Kingdom in the form of buildings and special resources, as well as mandatory loyalty, and in return the King (on behalf of the Kingdom) gave every citizen powerful armor, tools, weapons, food, land, and resources as needed. The Kingdom operated this way until hereventual collapse.

Diplomatic Relations

Yugoslavia was allied only with Schevakia, a fellow Balkan nation that Yugoslavia saw as a brother country until their unfortunate fallout after the kingdom's demise. Yugoslavia retained friendly relations with all other nations, but choice to remain isolated from all other nations as a means to avoid war.

Yugoslavia and Schevakia had been increasing collaborating since Schevakia's founding, and constructed a jointly owned hall for an international organization known as the Balkan International Congress (B.I.C.; Балканска Међународна конференција; БМК) which further encouraged cooperation between the two nations, and was hoped to eventually lead to a joint Yugoslav-Schevakian state. This, however, never happened, and after the fall of the kingdom, and the balkanization of Schevakia, that dream was lost forever.


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was one drenched in blood. From the first Yugoslav-Bohem war, to the second Yugoslav-Bohem war, to the well-deserved Progerian massacre, Yugoslavia has seen its share of violence. In both of its major wars, the perpetrator was RustyShackleford, ruler of Bohemia and Bohemia II, and on both occasions, Yugoslavia prevailed. The first time with Sylvian and Vailic help, the second time solely from their own power. Yugoslavia has also almost been dragged into several wars due to alliances, including the fall of Vanskovich, The Fall of Progeria, and the barely avoided Sylvia-Yanshu war.


Yugoslavia was a bilingual nation. The official languages were Yugoslav Oldspeak and Overworld Common. All signs within the kingdom were in both languages, but there were certain small towns in which Overworld Common was not used.


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia came from humble beginnings. At first, there was a gold mine, the largest in Elgeis, but as time went by, the mine proved less and less useful. After that failed venture, the Yugoslav people geared their minds towards the fastest growing economy: Villager trading. The Yugoslav people (namely MasterInventor and ThePoptartTARDIS) decided to construct an underground cell, about 10 by 25 blocks in measurment, that would later become an infamous trading hall known as the MaLL. This small room would grow to over 30x the size, and house all of the villager trading needs of the Yugoslav people. Everything from diamonds, to food, to armor was produced and distributed to Yugoslavia and her people.

Though villager trading is commonplace these days, nobody in Elgeis history had achieved the scale nor the success that Yugoslavia enjoyed. The Kingdom became a beacon of innovation, and once the world found out about its secret, everyone followed suit.