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Jugoslavija is a technologically oriented nation located in the Southwest. It is a successor to Yugoslavia and seceded from the Republic of Yugoslavia (now Vostok).


Secession from the Republic of Yugoslavia

Main article: Secession of Jugoslavija

On October 15th, 2020, three members of the Republic of Yugoslavia, MasterInventor, ThePoptartTARDIS, and Katawicz seceded into a newly formed nation of Jugoslavija, bringing the former leader of Comus Kaleidoeyes127 with them and claiming it to be a "greater, truer, and more kind and caring Yugoslavia". Chipt joined the nation later that day.

War with Caracalistan

Main article: Jugoslav-Caracali War


  • AdilOzbay lives a monastic lifestyle in an undisclosed location, spending all of his time on self-reflection and experimenting with blinking lights.
  • Katawicz is a world-class engineer and the mastermind behind projects like Big Beacon. He lives a quiet but productive life in the southern ocean territories of Hybrasil.