Jugoslav-Caracali War

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The Jugoslav-Caracali was a war between the countries of Jugoslavija and Caracalistan, with several other countries having staged multiple allegedly neutral military interventions to prevent destruction of cultural heritage sites in Jugoslavijan territories.


The Ozai, precursors to Caracalistan, and the Yugoslavian splinter states, precursors to Jugoslavija, had largely been on the opposite sides of the Balkan Troubles, with Ozai being involved in several attacks on the former Yugoslav territories, and the Black Hand terrorist group targeting them in retaliation. This would later be cited by the Caracali as one of the reasons for their enmity and aggression against Jugoslavija.

On November 21st, 2020, Jugoslavijan government official Chipt I raised a complaint against a Caracali "Immigrations Office" that had been built blocking a NELT route used by several Southern nations. It initially seemed Caracalistan would back down and free the NELT up once more, but eventually, they failed to do so, with the former Jugoslav MasterInventor presenting the Caracali with an ultimatum to fix the line.

On November 22nd, an anonymous message was sent to WikiLeaks, claiming that Caracalistan was preparing for an attack on Jugoslavija in the near future. This claim further raised the tensions between Caracalistan and Jugoslavija. A former member of Caracalistan later confirmed that Caracalistan had been preparing for an attack, but that the suddenness of the WikiLeaks message had prompted quicker, less well-planned action.


Soon after this, Caracalistan launched several TNT griefing offensives, mainly in Cascadia and the Jugoslavijan capital, Lazarica. Caracali citizen camaradultudor slaughtered many animals in the historical Jugoslavijan Zoo, which was widely viewed as an affront to the international community. This assault also led to the Sylvian Union disbanding their alliance with Ozai, and sending peacekeepers to protect the Zoo. Along with volunteers from a few other countries, those forces pushed the Caracali back, and later ended up infiltrating Caracalistan, claiming to be neutral journalists and observers. Nonetheless, a scuffle broke out which resulted in small casualties on the home side and a temporary retreat of the Caracali armies from their mainland, but the Sylvian peacekeepers left soon thereafter.

Soon afterwards, the Jugoslavijans and several other members of the global community decried the attacks as senseless violence. The Caracali pointed to Jugoslavija and its Black Hand members having gotten off too easily after the Balkan Troubles as the impetus behind their haste to declare war, although it seemed not all Caracali had the same reasons for hating Jugoslavija, leading to some confusion as to what the official stance of the Caracalistan government was.

The Repo Time™ announcement

On November 23rd, a section of the NELT near East Taiga was discovered as griefed; many believed this to be the doing of Caracalistan, but the latter denied any involvement. Later, the Caracalistan government released an official statement, apologising for the damage inflicted upon the "Zoo" heritage site in Jugoslavija in their last attack. They also assured the international community they would not be touching the NELT, only targeting Jugoslav combatants and their houses in the future.

During the next few days, crime rates on the server went up, with Pawnch and Argetlam04 reporting robberies. Soon after Argetlam04 had announced the attack on his estate, Kaleidoeyes127 of Jugoslavija discovered that several buildings in her home region Comus had been griefed, and tried to rally international support by pointing out that the attackers had not restricted themselves to her buildings, but the summer home of the Montrosian (formerly Wohlstandic) Okej had been burnt down as well. She also asserted that the Caracali had admitted to her being culpable for the griefing, but Caracalistan later denied this.

Siege of Caracalistan

Late on the night of November 26th, a team Jugoslavs and foreign volunteers explored Caracalistan in a classified mission known as Burrito Time™️, aiming to find Caracalistan's base of operations. After several hours without success, Kaleidoeyes127 spied camaradultudor's nametag underground in the ice fields. Soon after, Chipt I found a piston door in the side of the underwater landmass. MasterInventor offered to sell sand to camaradultudor, and once he left the area, Jugoslavs infiltrated the bunker without touching anything.

In a second mission the next night called Repo Time™, a smaller team of Jugoslavs (dubbed the "Jugoslavijan Repossession Team" in an announcement by Chipt I) claimed the bunker, trapped the beds of the Caracali, and moved all items to a separate, secure location. Among the contents of the bunker were the stolen items from Pawnch, Argetlam04, Fianna, Vailan, Hightower, and Jugoslavija. In the morning, haddock7 and camaradultudor were killed and trapped in prison, to serve a year-long sentence[1].


On November 28th, ProjectHoplite and haddock7 announced they would be seceding from Caracalistan and founding their own country, Vastilis. This new nation claimed the vast majority of the land that had belonged to Caracalistan previously, and declared they would be ending the war and answering for their actions. Jugoslavija then agreed on a peace, although they declared they would still be holding individual responsible and issue reparation demands and jail times. Vastilis also stated they would not be accepting any former Caracali until the appropriate punishments had beed served. Camaradultudor then declared that he would be leaving Caracalistan, and is currently stateless.

The next day, BirchwoodMC of Vostok (a former Yugoslavian left out of Jugoslavija) announced that members or former members of Caracalistan had been behind some attacks on his lands before the war started, and shortly afterwards, camaradultudor confessed to committing the attacks. Later that day, Schevakia dissolved its longstanding alliance with Caracalistan, being the last country to do so. In the following

Caracalistan would eventually completely merge into Vastilis as its last remaining member, WorkablePuffin, would return to activity after the war. Two diplomatic skirmishes would occur afterward with the Jugoslavians ThePoptartTARDIS and Kaleidoeyes127 who had recently splintered off of Jugoslavia to found the Orthodox Church of Jusefism as they were holding the cats Bingus and Floppa, whom the Vastili worshiped as their prophets, and with the Emerald Enclave after WorkablePuffin killed a fake Bingus (which he thought was the real one) in an act of religious extremism, escaped a botched lava trap by Vastilis, and had taken refuge in the Enclave.


  1. One year in-game is equivalent to slightly more than five days in real life.