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Hightower is a nation located in northeast Elgeis. It was founded on October 19, 2019 but went defunct due to inactivity. Some weeks later, the country's name and borders were reestablished by different players and a government was officially formed. Hightower runs as a direct democracy with the founding principles of kindness, neutrality, and self-sufficiency. Foreign policy is centered around diplomacy and being neutral in conflicts so that the country may act as a third party that can host peace talks. Domestic policy is centered around individual rights and encouraging citizens to build up their own areas as they see fit. New members are welcome, though such matters are determined by a vote.


Founding and Early History

Hightower was founded by VintageBacon_ on October 19, 2019. On the same day, foreign aid was provided by Lucagrad to help make the fledgling nation food-secure. During this time, various small holdings were created throughout the territory. Little, if anything, is known about what caused the collapse of the original Hightower, but by November 10, 2019 the country was declared defunct by the international community.

The Hightower Banner

Revival and Reconstruction

On November 16, 2019, bantam_BATman joined the server and elected to revive the country of Hightower. In the following one to two weeks, the country saw the beginning of major physical and political reconstruction. A number of important events took place, further establishing a bigger future as a country for Hightower. More members joined, borders were expanded due to a free cession from Ilyria, alliances were forged with the Grove Tribe and Ilyria, a non-aggression pact was signed with Nyania, and the Constitution of Hightower was written. By the end of November 2019, Hightower officially joined the Northern Alliance.

The Incorporation of Seicho

After the expansion of the world border, Hightower proposed a land claim that would expand eastwards towards a range of nearby mountains. However, the country’s proposal came into conflict with Seicho’s plans to claim a small section of those lands. After a short and peaceful discussion, a border between the two nations was finalized.

A map showing Seicho's land merged with Hightower as outlined in light blue

Almost a month later, however, Seicho had initiated talks with Hightower, proposing a merger of the two countries. On February 24, 2020, Seicho began the merging process by disbanding in-game and subsequently joining Hightower’s faction. It was not until March 7 when Hightower officially announced the dissolution of Seicho. Hightower’s new borders included the almost all of mainland Seicho and very closely resembled the nation’s initial eastern expansion.


Hightower's government is a direct democracy and has no formal leader. Every citizen has a vote on all matters deemed worthy to call a vote on. Such matters include, but are not limited to, alliances, joint projects, trade, and anything any citizen would like to propose. The person who proposes a vote votes only as a tie-breaker in that matter and is responsible for organizing the vote. In addition, all citizens have the right to private property where they may build and do whatever they please. Every citizen is entitled to use their 20 faction claims however they see fit, should it be to protect their private property or to contribute to the protection of public buildings.


As stated in its constitution, Hightower was created with three core values in mind:


The people of Hightower should strive to be kind to all those that they meet. We treat everyone with respect, whether they are part of our country or not, even if they may not deserve it. As such our goal is to spread goodwill through both words and actions. To that end, we also have and encourage freedom of religion.


The people of Hightower should strive to remain neutral in all conflict. By doing this the country hopes to be able to act as a host for peace talks and negotiations between other nations. That said, we will do our utmost to aid our allies should we determine they have been unjustly attacked.


The people of Hightower should strive to be able to provide all necessary resources for themselves. Doing this is meant to help build a sense of unity and cooperation among our citizens. This is not meant to discourage trade in any way with other nations, in fact it is encouraged as a means to foster good relations with other nations as well.