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The Grove Tribe is a nation located in the mesa in the eastern part of the map. It is populated by a people who call themselves Hrãggistt, but due to their main settlement being hidden away in a distinctive grove on the mesa, they are mostly referred to as the Grove Tribe. The tribe is friendly to outsiders, but holds its spiritual practices in high regard and demands visitors take care not to anger the nature when in the tribal nation.

Geography & Territory

Despite being located in a mesa, the geographical features of the nation are very diverse, with small forests, waterfalls, rivers and lakes all around.

Region map of the Grove Tribe from December 2020
The diverse landscape of Grove Tribe.

The Grove Tribe has six main settlements:

  1. Grove Village (Héhéħenif), the historical and religious capital of the nation;
  2. Grand Mesa (Grãdmeysa), the political, social and economic capital of the nation;
  3. Carrot Village (Eħrahibbita);
  4. The World Tree (Harahráħenúħ), a place of great importance for the people of the Grove Tribe;
  5. Amber Island (Seriyetu).
  6. Seahill (Djárusbita)

The land borders of the Grove Tribe's territories are marked by the so-called smoking totems, which serve both to greet and warn visitors as well as fulfilling a religious purpose.

As of April 25th, 2020, Grove Tribe has three neighbours: Goomlandia to the West, Kovska and Hightower to the Northeast. Grove Tribe considers four states as their allies - the Sylvian Union, Vailan, as well as the aforementioned states of Hightower and Goomlandia.

The people of the Grove Tribe do not wish to involve themselves with pointless geopolitical disagreements due to the pacifist nature of its people, but will protect their lands profusely if the need arises.


Main article: Grove Tribe religion

One of the tribe's altars, where they bring offerings to goodly spirits.

The Grove Tribe is a seemingly primitive people, with little to show in regards to architectural achievements or technology. They are deeply religious, with most of their religion being concerned with different elemental spirits. They take care not to anger any forces of nature and always seek to take the course of action that would appease their deities. The folk seem to have a particular affinity for spirits of the Earth, who are regarded as ancestors and protectors of the tribe.

The Tribe has little love for corrupted spirits and creatures such as those of the Nether and the End, and seeks to purge them from their land. However, they are usually very patient and welcoming with outsiders, though they can be very insistent on matters when they believe a course of action would upset the spirits of the region.


As a tribe, the Earthwalkers rely on customs and traditions, especially religious ones, to guide their everyday behaviour and judgement. This is in contrast to many more "civilised" societies on the server, which instead have codexed written laws and organised court systems. In the Grove Tribe, however, when anyone - be it outsider or tribesman - is believed to have gone against the community's ways, the whole tribe assembles to discuss the verdict, with more respected and knowledgeable members using their wisdom, good judgement and knowledge of precedent to ultimately decide the wrongdoer's fate. The maintenance of harmony is priority, and if the individual is unwilling to take responsibility for the crime themselves, they will usually be exiled rather than forced to conform to a society they don't wish to belong to.

Grove Tribe has several positions of authority, but none are inherently more important or powerful than anyone else; some people are merely considered to be more qualified for certain tasks than others, but that does not mean they have power over the Tribe, for all Tribesfolk are seen as inherently equal. Currently, the Earthseer (whose inherent purview is communication with the spirits and lorekeeping) represents the tribe for the outside world, as they are the most active member; however, for example, in the matter of building, the Earthseer would usually agree with whatever the Druid says, for the Druid is considered the authority on building; and the Druid would seek consensus with the community instead of forcing his will, which the community grants, since they understand the Druid is more knowledgeable than them in this particular matter.


The tribe first made contact with outsiders in early autumn 2019, when their first village was discovered near the areas then belonging to the nations of Richard, New Mesa and Goomlandia. As the political landscape in the area was rather uncertain at that time, the nations of the mesa region gathered in a convention to establish their borders, a gathering to which the tribe was invited. The tribe's borders were then agreed upon and the first Smoking Totems were built to mark them. To secure their position, an alliance was also formed with Goomlandia and Sylvia, the first two major nations to acknowledge the tribe.

Thereafter, the Earthwalkers led a quiet life, mainly expanding their village to suit the growing community's needs. At one point, the tribe became upset with the huge Goomlandian Nether portal gold farm near their borders, as they believed nether magics to be insidious and evil. They offered to buy the land and an agreement was reached wherein some land was exchanged and the tribe deconstructed the portal. To cleanse the land, in its place was planted a seed that would later become The World Tree.

Some time later, Earthseer CreeperColder aided in the planning of the Crusade against the Northern Alliance, wrongly believing their allies to be at risk. As the Crusaders rapidly fell apart, the shaman was forced to admit that he had acted rashly and had been foolish in trusting the Crusade leaders' ability and judgement. He later paid reparations to Vailan and over time, came to be respected within the Vailic society, eventually leading his people to an alliance with the proud northern nation.

At some point, the nation of New Mesa fell and was replaced by a state ruled by MiksaSerbia, who became a close ally of the tribe. When Miksa's city was attacked and sacked by Keetsu, the Grove Tribe rallied to his side and participated in the events that led to the Progerian Massacre. As Miksa became disillusioned and left Grand Mesa in the aftermath of the event, the Tribe inherited his northern lands, finally gaining sea access to the south and founding Carrot Village as their port. As Yugoslavia, who inherited the southern part, eventually collapsed, Grand Mesa came into the hands of Goomlandia. In reparation for a building dispute, the land was then offered to the tribe, who thus came in possession of Grand Mesa as well as the lands south of it, where they founded the small village of Amber Island.

The later history of the Grove Tribe from 2020 onwards is inherently tied with that of the Grove Faith.


Main article: Earthspeech

Not much is known about the Grove Tribe's language, Earthspeech, as they prefer to use Overworld Common, which they seem to be fluent at. Some words, place names and phrases are known, though.