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The Crusade was a paramilitary operation undertaken taken by many independent agents and unofficially endorsed by many states, targeting Mejackmac and his Nyania. The Crusade started because Nyania had huge extraneous claims in the north and was conflicting with Goomlandia over grooge64's gold farm. Due to poor organisation and disagreement between the participants, the Crusade was a major failure, although it did succeed in enforcing some of its demands.


The Crusade was organised by fbia34, who lured in people with a narrative of injustice and promise of official support from world powers such as Sylvia, Goomlandia and Yugoslavia. This, however, was a false claim, as whilst some nations might have organised covert support for the attack, none ever stepped up to formally enter the war and most national leaders were unaware of it until its very beginning. Nevertheless, fbia34 managed to recruit numerous agents from Yugoslavia, Fianna, Goomlandia, Sylvia, Gimnkrasni and the Grove Tribe (although not all of these agents agreed to partake in military action). The main target of the Crusade was to be Nyania, who at the time was seen as a bloated and overextended imperialist country, and had lately caused some controversy by encroaching on a Goomlandian gold farm. However, Nyania was a part of the Northern Alliance led by Vailan, forcing the Crusaders to deal with its members as well.


As the date of the attack approached, it became increasingly clear that the Crusaders suffered from organisational problems. The attack did not even have a plan until the very last moment, when CreeperColder, who had been asked to help with organisation and had said he would not participate in official combat, made a plan of attack. Demands were then sent to members of the Northern Alliance not to involve themselves in the fighting, which quite a few accepted. However, not all members were in agreement even at this stage - some were on board with all of the attack, others said that they would not attack any country other than Nyania even if they came to Nyania's aid, some would refuse to step foot in Vailan and CreeperColder even said he would fight against the Crusaders for Hightower if the latter became involved, as the state was allied to the Grove Tribe.

Plan made, the Crusade launched, but quickly fell into disarray. Many people who had promised support were unable to show, leaving the crusade unmanned. Nation leaders who were supposedly behind the attack either proved completely unaware or backed down, refusing to declare war and rendering their citizens unable to attack the enemies within their territory. This made them unable to execute the swift plan of PvP and capture and the assault devolved into mindless looting and griefing.

In spite of this, the Crusade enjoyed minor success in Nyanian territory, killing Mejackmac and damaging some of his settlements. However, when an attack was attempted against Vailan to prevent it from helping Nyania, the disarrayed Crusaders were swiftly smashed on Vailic walls and then slaughtered in the counterattack, marking the end and defeat of the Crusade.


Although a failure on the surface, the damages of the attack convinced Nyania to cede some land and back down on its needless claims, leaving the demands of the Crusaders met. However, Vailan pursued legal action against all of the Crusaders and in some cases the countries they hailed from, even if leaders of said countries had not officially endorsed the attack. This prompted Vailan to threaten said countries and even attack Yugoslavia, whose king meekly stood by and let the Vailic forces enact justice in its lands. In the aftermath, all individuals who were suspected to have conspired against Vailan were to be tried in court and given an appropriate punishment, but due to bureaucratic complications, Vailan later gave everyone the chance to just settle it out of court by giving the state 32 iron blocks and a written apology. All accused individuals took the deal and none of the cases ever reached the Vailic court.