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Pre-Nyanian Times:

Mejackmac was invited to the server by awesome_ketchup on November 22, 2019. He was accepted and first joined on the November 24, 2019. He quickly took some food from a random farm, replanted the seeds, and ran off to the northern world border where he created a small home east of Redanian territory. He lived in the unclaimed area for about one or two days before founding Nyania, with his small settlement as the capital.


Shortly after the founding of Nyania, it allied with Vailan, Redania, and Skjolduvar, forming the Northern Alliance. Nyania lasted until January 13th, 2020, when the capital was captured by Fenian forces. Mejackmac disbanded Nyania and founded Watergate, joined by DragonTek21, jpbeecher, and eschatonphobia. The remaining Nyanians—frayman, BreadIsLoaf, and DarkslasherXZ—fled and joined Yugoslavia.


Mejackmac founded Watergate on January 13th, the same day Nyania was disbanded. Naturally, it was regarded by the public simply as a new Nyania. Mejackmac quickly explained that it was not, in fact, new Nyania, and that it had no ties to Nyania. On January 18th, Watergate was raided by Fianna, killing DragonTek21. This caused DragonTek21 to attempt expelling mejackmac from Watergate. Mejackmac deleted the vote, causing MTJNC, MiksaSerbia, and jpbeecher to lure mejackmac into an underground prison in MTJNC's basement, located in Rhett. Mejackmac escaped from the cell via chorus fruit and promptly announced that he had left Watergate.

Orange & Company

After escaping the cell, mejackmac formed Orange & Company, a sovereign corporation which sold cocaine, made recycling centers, and more. An embargo was placed on Orange & Company by Fianna, Goomlandia, Montrose, and Publix, forcing mejackmac to turn Orange & Company into a regular corporation. After this, mejackmac applied to join The Free Men.


After being forced out of Watergate and having a global trade embargo placed on Orange & Company, mejackmac worked with MedimaNN to join Vanskovich. Mejackmac was accepted into Vanskovich on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020. Mejackmac remained in Vanskovich until he was banned.

Banning & Appeal

Mejackmac was banned on the 13th of February, 2020 after advertising for the server on his own, private discord server containing about 30 or so people the previous afternoon, despite being told by the admins that he couldn't do it. Mejackmac was initially told that he could appeal the ban on July 13th, 2020, however due to an initial incident following his ban, it was not appealed until February 7th, 2023, 6 days short of 3 years after his initial ban.


Mejackmac invited many well known/infamous players that the server would not be the same without. He brought a whole new generation of Elgeis players to the server, spreading out to many large countries across the map, including former Yugoslavia, Vanskovich, and Goomlandia. Nations like Watergate, Feeblia, Nyania, and Krabbatoah would not have existed if this cat-man-thing hadn't joined Elgeis. - KrabulonBestGirl (i think)

Return to Elgeis

Mejackmac's ban was appealed by the admins on February 7th, 2023.

Lists [Former]

The section below is not representative of mejackmac's current opinions on the server. This section was written prior to mejackmac's initial ban, and is thus irrelevant for the sake of determining mejackmac's relations with others after his appeal.


This is a list of people that mejackmac considers to be friends due to their support of him or his country at one point in the past.

  • MiksaSerbia - Helped out Nyania during its early - middle days, providing random resources and being an overall great person. Contributions mainly occurred while Miksa lived Ilyria, and became less after he joined Vailan.
  • MedimaNN - Shares many political opinions with mejackmac and allowed him to join The Free Men after being expelled from Watergate. Also reviewed the Nyanian defenses before the war.
  • keyguyperson - Gave Nyania sets of fully enchanted armor during its final days.
  • Erjan101 - Helped Nyania during its early days by trading with mejackmac to get beetroots and beetroot seeds in exchange for wheat, which was essential to mejackmac so that he had food. Erjan was also crucial in the founding of the Northern Alliance initially between Redania, Nyania, and Vailan.
  • MTJNC - Extra Tight Pants


This is a list of people that mejackmac absolutely despises due to their attacks on Nyania or their general public show of hate for mejackmac. Also includes general, not as hated but still hated by him.

  • fbia34 - Organized the crusade on Nyania and convinced frayman into betraying Nyania for a refugee spot in Yugoslavia. Was one of the five thorns that killed Nyania.
  • FlyingGMM - Burned Gateway City to the ground during the Gateway massacre, destroying the most Nyanian buildings out of any raider. Was one of the five thorns that killed Nyania.
  • frayman - Betrayed Nyania by letting the Fennians kill him repeatedly, depleting Nyania's faction power and allowing Fianna to claim over Gateway City. He also leaked all of the Nyanian defense secrets to fbia34 in exchange for a refugee spot in Yugoslavia. Was one of the five thorns that killed Nyania.
  • Doctor_Hound - The main attacker during the Gateway Massacre. Killed frayman repeatedly to drain Nyania's faction power and claimed over the city. Lava trapped mejackmac after he logged out and demanded a large sum of compensation. Was one of the five thorns that killed Nyania.
  • mr_gidyup - High King of Fianna during the Gateway Massacre. Was one of the five thorns that killed Nyania.
  • DragonTek21 - General poopster, almost caused a civil war in Nyania. Also started the motive to kick mejackmac from Watergate.
  • FluffyPieDog555 - Banned player who, instead of joining Nyania, created FunkyLand, went inactive, and got banned for trying to get MedimaNN to alt.