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Frayman is an ethnic Nyanian and played a key role in the northern history of late-2019 to early-2020 Elgeis.


In Nyania, frayman had a high position in the Nyanian "government". Not much is known about the government and his position besides the fact that despite voting on many issues, Mejackman and frayman had the final say in what happened. In the end of Nyania's life, frayman was responsible for allowing himself to be killed in-order for Fianna and the other militant forces to overclaim Gateway City.


The jpbeecher statue at Gateway City

With frayman's betrayal of Nyania, he was not allowed into their successor-state, Watergate. Instead, frayman joined Yugoslavia and established the Nyan Banate along with a number of other ethnic Nyanians . After a series of events and revelations, frayman was eventually trade and travel banned from Watergate by Mejackmac during this time. Yugoslavia also requested a conduit from Mejackmac on behalf of frayman, a miniscule ask in comparison to Mejackman's ever-growing pile of debt.


Frayman eventually left Yugoslavia and joined Krabbatoah along with most of the active ethnic-Nyanians. Here, frayman began the task of restoring Gateway City, something he would not finish. Partway along this, he created a statue in honor of jpbeecher with the help of Grooge64.

War Crimes

Carpo_Diem reacting to his burnt down forest

The Looting of Richard

Carpo_Diem, the leader of Richard, had logged on one day after a brief hiatus to find out that his forest was razed, pets and livestock murdered, and many of his personal belongings were looted. Without a shred of evidence to convict anyone of the crime, the attack was overlooked by many; that is until Mejackmac, the leader of Nyania, threw frayman under the bus and ratted himself and frayman out for the attack. This also happened during a time where Nyania, mainly Mejackmac and frayman, were in hot water for burning down all of Dwarf Island.

The Razing of Dwarf Island

It was soon discovered and announced by Doctor_Hound on January 13, 2020, that frayman had a large role in the complete burning of Dwarf Island. Due to this, he was charged 32 diamond blocks, many stacks of gravel, and was revoked permission for usage of the old Nyanian land that was in Fianna's control.