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1st Kingdom of Nyania / State of Nyania



Nyania was founded on the 26th of November of 2019. Work on the capital city began one day earlier when the leader of Nyania, mejackmac, was whitelisted on the server.

Nyania before the crusader conflict.

The First Expansion

Nyania made its first territorial expansion on the 27th of November of 2019. Alongside this expansion came some problems. The first plan for the expansion included expanding into part of Ilyria, which angered Ilyria and caused tensions between the two nations to rise. Mejackmac did not know about this Ilyrian claim, and changed the plan after he realized that Ilyria had already set claim to that area of land. Nyania and Ilyria signed a pact of non-aggression after this to ensure that something like this does not happen again. After this, two people came forward (Cimcimmy and HugeMoistNameJef) to say that they already had settled in a region of the territory that Nyania was trying to claim. They formed the nation of Kovska, and Nyania ceded the requested land to Kovska to keep peace in the north. Kovska later joined the Northern Alliance. Nyania also signed a non-aggression pact with Hightower, as they now border Nyania to the north due to the expansion.

The Crusader Conflict

On the 2nd of December of 2019, several people from several nations started a crusade against Nyania and Vailan. The goal of the crusade was to make Nyania smaller. The crusade failed, but Nyania did cede land to Kovska, Gayrden, and Hightower after its end due to pressure from Vailan. During the crusade, mejackmac was killed by goomyman77 and was forced to flee Gateway City for a short period of time. Several buildings in Vailan were burned, and each crusader had to pay 32 iron blocks to Vailan.

The Fenian-Nyanian War

The Fenian-Nyanian war was a conflict between Fianna and Nyania. It started shortly after midnight on 1/13/2020. After escalating tensions, Fianna declared war on Nyania, using frayman as a way to lower the nations faction power. They proceeded to claim the Nyanian capital, and trap mejackmac once he came online. A day after the conflict began, Mejackmac met Fianna's demands, and disbanded the nation, bringing Nyania's story to a close. However, the state of Watergate became its successor, simultaneously inheriting many problems that had plagued the late state.


  • Nyania was located north of Vailan and east of Redania.
  • Nyania was located on the northern world border.
  • The capital of Nyania was located in a birch forest right next to the northern world border.

Alliances & Diplomatic Relations

Northern Alliance

Other Allies

Former Allies




  • Beetroot
  • Wheat
  • Sugar Cane
  • Carrots


  • Oak Wood
  • Birch Wood
  • Spruce Wood
  • Dark Oak Wood


  • Water Breathing
  • Harming
  • Weakness
  • Slowness

DragonTek21's Nyania / Nykania

Founding & Violation of the Fennian-Nyanian Surrender Agreement

On Febuary 28th, 2020, DragonTek21 left Vanskovitch, where he had been living since the Vansk-Watergatian-Feeblian merger. He then attempted to reestablish a Nyanian state, with himself as the leader. He claimed the city of Bohdanburg (this name was not given until much later, at the time the village was unnamed), where he used to live during the 1st Kingdom of Nyania. However, the Fennian government did not react well to this, citing the naming of the new nation of Nyania as a violation of the Fennian-Nyanian surrender agreement, wherein it was stated that Nyania was not allowed to reform as a nation. DragonTek21 avoided trouble with Fianna by renaming the new nation to Nykania on Febuary 29th, 2020 to come into compliance with the surrender agreement.


On March 6th, 2020, DragonTek21 posted an announcement sating that Nykania laid claim to the lands formerly held by Watergate and later Vanskovich. This announcement had very little international reaction, and ended up not being shown on any official maps.

Purchase by Goomlandia

On March 26th, 2020, Grooge64 announced that he had purchased all of the lands held by Nykania from DragonTek21. This was taken with very little reaction from the international community, and DragonTek21 went inactive soon after.

2nd Kingdom of Nyania

This Section is Under Construction -mejack



The First Diggitian Era


The Second Naadic War


Era of Expansion


The Third Naadic War & The Onset of Voidrot


The Second Diggitian Era, Second Impact, & The Bombing of the Clan Castle


The Fourth Naadic War & Voidrot's Return


The Founder's Day Ultimatum & The Return of the Homeland