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Gayrden, also known as the United Anarcho Gayrdens, was a nation located in the north and partially located in an acacia biome. The country bordered Vailan to the west and Kovska to the east.


Gayrden's initial borders

Gayrden was formed around mid-November 2019, and for its first few days had no name. For most of its history, the country was never involved in some sort of conflict. The one and only conflict Gayrden ever had was with Ilyria. Initially, Gayrden had claimed unused mesa territory to Ilyria's disapproval. In response, Ilyria annexed the land and occupied it for three days. After negotiations, Gayrden peacefully allowed Ilyria to claim the land.

Gayrden eventually grew stagnant and dissolved after a long period of inactivity.


At some point in time, the nation joined the Northern Alliance, but is no longer an active member state.

Gayrden and Ilyria's border after negotiations