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Redania was a despotic monarchy that prized itself for its peasantry and the wheat they produced. Redania was a name based off the Witcher universe, in which both Redania in Elgeis and the Witcher universe share many commonalities with medieval Poland (but aren't entirely based off it). In Elgeis, Redania was headed under Erjan101 as Duke of Zolotow and Baron of Zolotow. He had been employed off as an Icedale token to Redania and was thus temporarily serving the King of Redania.


The Redanians spoke Redainer. Essentially, it was English but with the ending "-er" added to every word. Words such as "I", "you", "be", or "week" were not written as "weeker" or "youer" due to conflicts with other words. Instead, they were written as "I'er" or "week'er". However, for most nouns, adjectives, and verbs a Redanian would have pronounced or written sentences such as "How are you today" as "Hower areer you'er todayer." Other issues with the language were dealt with whatever the speaker deemed best to use the "-er" ending in a logical fashion.


The Redanians worshipped the Northern Pantheon and the Eternal Fire. The Northern Pantheon consisted of many ancient gods and deities such as Kreve, god of expansion, power, and energy. Redania also permitted the practice of the Vailan's local religion, Oarfanism. The Eternal Fire on the other hand was a hip, new religion that prized itself in the light and illuminating darkness. This often involved consolidating the power base for human-only inhabitants and the Eternal Fire thus despised all non-humans.

Viewpoint of Redania's local area. Nations that border or relate to Redania are Vailan, Skjolduvar, and Nyania.


  • It was founded by Erjan101 on 21st November, 2019
  • It was inspired by Redania from the Witcher Universe
  • Both Redania in Elgeis and Witcher took inspirations from medieval Poland
  • The Kingdom of Redania, as it was called, was actually started in the southern portion of the map, west across the sea from Schevakia. Eventually, the Kingdom of Redania migrated about 4000 blocks north.
  • Largest bread basket in the world
  • It had a 1:1 ratio of granary buildings to peasant homes
  • As of November 2019, Redania was a northern kingdom and was part of the Northern Alliance alongside nations such as Vailan, Skjolduvar, Nyania, and more
    Fields of Gold! Redania is the bread basket of the world due to its abundance of wheat fields. It is said that there are an equal amount of peasants homes and granaries, but typically peasants also live in granaries as there is so much wheat.


Long is the way we have come

Still, nothing changes under the sun

The day we lay ahold

The wind rocks the fields of gold

Zero sum is the name of the game?

Gain or lose My win Is your loss

Have your cake and eat it too

Long is the way we have come

Still nothing changes under the sun

Few have found the stone

Searching for the fields of gold

The finest of craftsmen forged

For day and night

Deep down

Lost at sea

Their great feat now lies

Is a draw the only win?

Would a tie double the loss?

A fight

For existence

Life-death: 0-0

Long is the way we have come

Still nothing changes under the sun

Firmly we keep our course

Fighting for fields of gold