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Funkyland was a short-lived nation in the south, west of Schevakia and south of the Sylvian province Rhett. Its sole inhabitant and leader Fluffypiedog555 was invited by the Nyanian Head of State mejackmac.


FunkyLand was inactive due to the leader's own inactivity on the server. Though FunkyLand had one ally, Nyania, relations with others were quite bad. The country had threatened Goomlandia for issues with Nyania, earning FunkyLand a bad reputation internationally.


Around 22 November 2019, Fluffypiedog555 joined the server and created FunkyLand. The newly formed nation claimed the ruins of an old Ilyrian castle in the south, though nothing was ever done with the land.

The Hunger Games Island Purchase

Some weeks after its founding, FunkyLand was approached by Vailan who offered to buy some of its western territory for an multinational project known as "Hunger Games Island". FunkyLand agreed to sell the territory.

A map of Elgeis showing FunkyLand's new borders after the Hunger Games Island Purchase

A Nation of Theft

Supposedly, Fluffypiedog555's plans for FunkyLand involved creating a nation of international thieves. MiksaSerbia had exposed Fluffypiedog555 for stealing banners, wool, and bamboo from multiple nations.


FunkyLand was dissolved on 27 December 2019 after Fluffiepiedog555 was banned for planning to use alternate accounts for "item-embezzling purposes".