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Rhett is a state located upon Rhett Island in the westernmost portion of Tierra Del Fuego. The state is incorporated into the Sylvian Union.

Rhettian culture values what is indigenously called "cool stuff". As seen in the landscape photo, Rhett Island touts a big, black castle, vertical farming methods originally engineered by HUM, a statue of the leader's head as a flaming comet, giant spruce trees, and other various novel facilities. An ongoing initiative of Rhett is to convert the grass of the island to podzol in its entirety, which is where most of Rhettian resources and effort is expended currently.

Rhett's government is an absolute autocracy, in which the island and all its contents are an extension of the Grand Rhett's personal property. As such, all building projects must be approved by the Grand Rhett. Despite this tight control, day-to-day Rhettian life exists in a state of low-grade anarchy. It is rare for the Grand Rhett to exercise his authority against the Rhettian citizenry.