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Watergate was founded by mejackmac on January 13th, 2020 while fleeing Nyanian lands after the collapse of the Nyanian government. DragonTek21, jpbeecher, and eschatonphobia quickly joined. Watergate was founded as a direct democracy due to DragonTek21's wishes. Watergate was intended to be a completely ungriefable nation, but some structures were built above water.


Watergate erupted into internal controversy after the Icegate scandal. mejackmac was seen as a problem by DragonTek21, and he sought to kick mejackmac out. A vote occurred, but mejackmac, being the owner of the Watergate discord, removed it.

Due to mejack's past crimes, Watergate came into conflict with Fianna. This prompted KrabulonBestGirl to leave and found Feeblia. The conflict was eventually resolved, but relations regarding the country's leader were still tense.

Dissolution of Watergate

Watergate was dissolved on 2th February 2020, joining Vanskovich. After merging, Watergate remained under the sea and most of its members went inactive. mejack was eventually banned from the server for unrelated reasons. On March 4th, Vanskovich merged with GoomLandia, leaving Watergate abandoned.