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MedimaNN (banned) was the first and only SGS and founder of Vanskovich, current leader of The Free Men. He first joined the server mid-June, and has been active ever since his joining of the server, and even before he joined. MedimaNN was a part of Vanskovich since its inception to its demise, and was set on remaining SGS for life, which he achieved. He joined Goomlandia after his state fell apart. He then went on to create Gimnkransi, which then disbanded after being holed up in Brayton Jail. He managed to escape, and after a stint of being in TheFreeMen, he is back in Goomlandia.

He also enjoys making minecraft flags.


MedimaNN's story starts on the MUN bus, in which Gabe invited him to the server. He then had to wait to build his computer, in which it was finished in min-June. He created Theboyus when he joined, and then changed the country name to Vanskovich, because he (as well as others) thought Theboyus was a poor excuse for a name of a country.

Political Career

MedimaNN had been SGS since the inception of Vanskovich, and had produced a method for making sure everyone participates in the government. All citizens of Vanskovich had to participate in governent, and must govern their own private land. This did not mean that MedimaNN had overruled some of the governors decisions before. Some of these included the production of a weapons making facility and making a massive TNT cannon, aimed squarely at Sylvia.


MedimaNN had been affiliated with Montrose (pre-server), Vailan, Goomlandia, Gimnkrasni, and now "TheFreeMen", a pseudo-state. These affiliation switches typically arouse from his decision making when leading his country, as Vanskovich was full of nationalists, and the nationalist sentiment has seeped into Medi's mindset. MedimaNN was the de-facto leader of TheFreeMen, but as the state eventually merged into Goomlandia (this makes number 3), he has just become a regular citizen.

Conflict Log

MedimaNN has fought in a small number of conflicts since joining. These incluse:

- The Sylvian-Vailish War, in which he fought on the Sylvian side

- The Fort Zoning Violation Debacle, in which MedimaNN called in the help of Goomyman77 when FlyingGMM, Abstacious, and argetlam04 build a fort on Vansk land

- The Turtle Time War, in which he helped Goom spawntrap and kill Turtle2dj multiple times

- Hide and Seek, in which foreign nations' citizens invade the Glavnaya when it is illegal, as well as running from the authorities. (See: Hide and Seek)

Medals and Awards

MedimaNN has a total of 3 awards and medals, the first for participating in The Sylvian-Valish War, was awarded a Hero of the Union Award for fighting alongside the Sylvians. He was also awarded a Turtle Medal for helping Goom in the Turtle Time War. Finally, he was awarded the Goomlandian Official G Medal for being an official G.

The Epic Gamer List

MedimaNN keeps a running record of all of the servers members he considers "Epic Gamers". He holds these people in high regards for many reasons. Those on the list are:

Goomyman77 - Never ever stopped helping me, sticking with through the good and bad. You deserve more than just a spot on this list. Never stop doing what you do, the world cant lose another genuine gamer.

Magos_Aspace - Stood with me when the Vailish attacked, always was kind, and a king overall. Keep Vailan cool.

Scampo12 - <3


MTJNC - Don't ever let a state get in the way of freedom, homie

Abstacious, Argetlam04, ClaimingBand - You may be Sylvians, but you are the OG's, HMU for Poland ;)

The List of the Lost

MedimaNN holds many banned and former players to a high regard. This list is still a part of the Epic Gamer list. Those who are gone but not forgotten are as follows:

Banastair - Rest In Peace, we all miss you. I hope the post-server Heaven known as "life" is treating you well.

Guptacakeman - An inevitable loss, but that damn duck's impact will not be forgotten.

Deadlocked2065 and Frizfamipad - You two are gone but you will never be forgotten, and I'll make sure of it. Dlya Vanskovich.

Mr. Auto - Constant F's for ol' 804