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Argetlam04 joined on February 17th 2019, after being invited by FlyingGMM on a MUN trip. He joined Montrose later that night, making him the second member of the faction at that time, but only a week after joining was inducted into Sylvia. He lives in his walled village of Iris in southern Montrose, almost bordering the Federal Province. Notable achievements include being a Montrose delegate, the Consul of the Sylvian Union, quartermiester in Montrose, the planning of the City of Banastair, the construction of the West Sea Ocean Monument Grinder, and leading forces in an attack on Vailan in the War of Northern Aggression. On November 8th, 2020, argetlam04 left Montrose for HUM due to some internal disputes with FlyingGMM.


Military and Conflict:

Argetlam04 has fought in many wars to defend the Sylvian Union. Listed in chronological order, they are as follows:

Unnecessary War:

Argetlam04 was almost able to reach raVVsend, but due to the lag caused by 1.14 Troubles. With the extensive amount of people on, argetlam04 fell out of a chunk while riding a boat and was stuck underground when the chunk loaded. He soon died, and when he returned, all of his stuff had either despawned or been trapped underground. After receiving new gear from toeGANG, he helped the others search for raVVen217's base and last known location . Unfortunately, the lag was so bad, he was soon forced to get off and could not help in this conflict anymore.

Bagelonian Occupation of Goomlandia:

Argetlam04 was one of the first people to help Marshal FlyingGMM in the Bagelonian Occupation of Goomlandia. There, argetlam04 was supposed to help set up Bagelonian outposts throughout the wanted land but was not needed by the time he came around. Instead, he was tasked by FlyingGMM to keep an eye on a Goomlandian citizen and takedown Goomlandian flags around the occupied area. After the conflict ended, they were kept in one of his chests for several months until they were burned while goomyman77 was online.

War of Northern Aggression:

During his reign as consul, Sylvian and Vailish tensions were at a peak. Several incidents, such as, the bridge disagreement, the "accidental" nuking of the area behind the Montrose Library, and the Free the End movement had all brought these two great nations to the brink of war.

These tensions finally snapped when Vailan declared a religious war on those not of the religion Oarfanism. Forces amassed in and around Gabeford, with many Sylvians taking sniper positions in Gabeford's newly constructed roof. Vailanders gathered outside. When fighting began, Vailan released a wither and proceeded to wreak havoc on the surrounding fields. Sylvians bravely fired round after round of arrows at Vailanders and the wither alike, but try as they would, the wither broke through the walls of the sniper nest. Several Vailanders, including Flashy10 and Magos_Aspace, were able to gain entry and proceeded to murder all of the defending Sylvians. Many Sylvians then went out to hide from the Vailanders wrath, but argetlam04 bravely returned, under the effect of speed and invisibility potions.

While the Vailanders were looking away, argetlam04 used scaffolding to sneak into the top layer of Gabeford where he was able to grab an inventory's worth of valuables, including "Basic Boi", Abstacious' prized sword, and "Shoot Very Well", a powerful bow that no one claimed after the war. After depositing those items in Iris, he took another dose of the potions and returned to Gabeford to rescue more materials.

Unfortunately, one of the Vailanders saw him and killed him before he could escape. Even after death, he returned a third time, this time escaping successfully from Gabeford with a full set of gear, which he donned. Vetous, now able to see him with his gear on, proceeded to chase him down rivers in Montrose before eventually killing him.

At this point, argetlam decided to take up flint and steel in place of a sword and attempt to grief some of Vailan's wooden structures, which others had been doing until this point. The first thing he saw and lit on fire was what appeared to be a work camp in the middle of the forest, which came to be owned by Montrose many months later. After making the rest of the trek to Vailan, he had to get off. The following night, he led a bomb squad that consisted of himself to know where to put the cannon, GoatWhisperer and FlyingGMM as main cannoneers, and Abstacious & Bagel as moral support. They launched barrages at where argetlam04 thought the Vailan vault was. After a half an hour of bombardment, they were able to break into the music combination lock that TheLemonZest had made (note: the destruction of his contraption caused Lemon to leave temporarily, which was not intentional). With further bombardment, they were able to further destroy Vailan's vault but found very few things of value.

Soon after, Vailan sued for peace. Sylvian Parliament was responsible for voting on whether to accept a white peace. argetlam04 was firmly against this because he thought much more damage could be done to Vailan to force them to surrender on the SU's terms, instead of what he thought was a win for them. This view and the spreading thereof contributed to his impeachment later.

Second Occupation of Goomtown:

Argetlam04 was among the Sylvian and Schevakian troops that occupied Goomtown after several incidents of violence at a party in Rhett. Nothing noteworthy occurred here besides the burning of the Goomtown Library and Goomtown Storehouse by MTJNC, the Consul of the Sylvian Union.

Balkan Troubles:

Although not involved in the diplomacy aspect of resolving the Balkan Troubles, argetlam04 was present at many of the conflicts. He was one of the many combatants during the original "Remember Schenektengrad" raid on Balkan Federation targets, the second wave of attacks on the Yougoslavian Enchanted Book Room, and the later hunt for General_Draza in Satama. Argetlam04 was one of the only people able to confront MasterInventor in the Remember Shenektengrad raid and General_Draza in and around Satama. He was almost able to kill MasterInventor with FlyingGMM before MasterInventor fled. Argetlam04 was at the forefront of chasing General_Draza, dealing much damage to him before he fled.



Argetlam04's most notable achievement is holding the office of Sylvian Consul from September 17th, 2019 to November 19th, 2019. He was elected upon the resignation of GoatWhisperer, and his opponent for the race was Lucavario. As stated before, argetlam04 mainly dealt with Vailan's brinkmanship during his reign and did not do many other things.


Upon the Sylvian Union's formation, argetlam04 was a delegate by default. He served with enbydrowned until argetlam04 was elected Consul. He then was voted into delegateship again after I_Sure_Am's resignation in February of 2020.

Meisterships in Montrose:

Argetlma04 has only ever held four Meister roles in Montrose, a feat greater than any Montrosian before him. These roles were:

  • The Meister of Equestrian Activities - Handles horse breeding
  • The Minister of Villagers - Deals with villager breeding and trading
  • The Rittmeister - An outdated role that leads a Montrosian cavalry division in times of war



Argetlam04 lives, and has always lived in his Montroisan estate, Iris. A separate page has been created to detail the iterations and changes to Iris over the months.

Plan for the City of Banastair.


Self-employed, but promoted by members of Sylvia, argetlam04 began the planning of the original, City of Lucagrad in April of 2019. Screenshots of maps were taken and pieced together to create a landscape. Argetlam04 drew roads, market squares, houses, walls, and other things on the maps, creating a rough draft which was submitted to Scampo12 of Lucagrad. The plans were accepted but never built. Arget was paid in several enchanted books from ClapYoThighs in return for his time.


Original plan for Spruceville

Note: this is a contemporary argument in current Montrosian politics and it should be noted that this is being written from the perspective of argetlam04.

During April of 2019, argetlam04 presented plans to FlyingGMM to re-do the Montrosian breeding village, Spruceville. Argetlam04 singlehandedly revived the population, all of whom had died. After this, several new buildings and roads were added. In the end, argetlam04 asked FlyingGMM to please notify him if he wanted to make any changes, to which FlyingGMM agreed.

This was all well and good until FlyingGMM went ahead and added an extension to the city without asking argetlam04. Argetlam04 was upset that Flying hadn't upheld his promise, and not only that the extension didn't fit, but wasn't willing to bring it up until February 2020 when he asked to re-do this and the MID. FlyingGMM is unwilling to let argetlma04 make changes, as FlyingGMM had had control of the village for almost nine months and had made many more changes. Argetlam04 believes that he is the rightful caretaker.

West Sea Prismarine Grinder:

Argetlma04 got the idea from BeachKid, who was invited to Montrose but went inactive very quickly, from a passing quote. After watching a Youtube video on how to build a prismarine grinder, argetlam04 got FlyingGMM's permission to build it with Abstacious on the eastern-most ocean monument in the Montrose West Sea area. This took a very long time, resulted in many deaths, and overall ended up being useless. It was a terrible XP farm, which was its intended purpose, and the rates of prismarine were terrible. This was because argetlam04 built the smallest size possible, and was unwilling to improve it.


Argetlam04 designed [Redacted] during [Redacted] and built it with [Redacted] in [Redacted] in [Redacted]. Its purpose was to [Redacted]. So far, only argetlam04, [Redacted], and [Redacted] know its exact location, but [Redacted] knows what it generally is.


The Montrose Industrial District, built by BadHorsieJake and later improved upon by Abstacious and FlyingGMM, is a combination of mob and emerald farms. It was originally thrown together in the August of 2019 and had a very poor use of space. Seeing this, argetlam04 asked FlyingGMM if he could re-design it to be more efficient and intuitive—FlyingGMM said yes. After long deliberations on which type of farm to use, argetlam04 began reconstructing the inside. The villager breeder was improved, villager access stalls were made better, and huge industrial pumpkin farms were instated in most of the buildings.

argetlam04 with c0cs in his boat the first time

Other Noteworthy Achievements:

Attempted Capture of C0cs:

c0cs literally in Brayton Jail next to a bed while AFK

After several failed attempts of high ranking Sylvain members to capture and imprison c0cs for his crimes against the Sylvian Union, argetlam04 decided to try his hand the next day. First, he baited c0cs with ten pieces of bread into a netherrack box but accidentally punched him allowing him to combat log and escape. He then gathered the ten pieces of bread back up and told c0cs that he could have them if he came to the infamous Brayton Jail. To argetlam04's surprise, c0cs agreed.

C0cs got in argetlam04's boat and even entered Brayton Jail. Upon entry, he claimed he had to go AFK for a minute, to which argetlma04 was skeptical but agreed. He left for about 10 minutes without clicking the bed in Brayton Jail, and when he came back he used a boat in his inventory to kill himself on an overhanging block. Argetlma04 was angered by this but was still determined. He told c0cs that he could have twenty diamonds, ten before and ten after, if he went to Brayton Jail and agreed not to hurt argetlam04, kill himself, or be a general pain in the behind. He agreed, taking ten diamonds and putting them in his ender chest immediately. He rode in

c0cs mining dirt to buy himself time

argetlam04's boat most of the way to Brayton Jail before he started causing problems. He mined dirt from the bank, randomly left the boat, and went off in random directions. Argetlam04 was becoming increasingly frustrated with his behavior, and when he killed himself from fall damage, argetlam04 returned to the spawn island and spawn killed him many times. On December 14th, c0cs was banned for indiscriminate griefing, but that did not stop argetlam04 from releasing an announcement about how much of a jerk c0cs was.

Monetary Adventures:

Gaining wealth through End Busting:

argetlam04's rewards of End Busting for three hours

Argetlam04 is well known to be one of the richest players, behind Grooge64. He gained most of this wealth through his end busting with his main client being Grooge64 himself. At his peak, argetlam04 owned around 1200 diamonds, 700 of which had come from Grooge64 from a single order where Grooge64 got 50 shulker shells. Argetlam04 continued this business until rival companies started with cheaper prices, but his heyday was over and he had no need for more wealth. Fun fact: at the same time, Abstacious was trying to mine 1000 diamonds but failed because he spent most of his stored diamonds on obsidian from you guessed it, Grooge64.

Charity Efforts:

Starting in January 2020, argetlam04 launched a series of initiatives to put his diamonds to good use. First, he tried to pay for teachers at the MIT. This failed because no one wanted to teach, and those who did couldn't find students.

After realizing that effort failed, argetlam04 started a charity ideas competition. He told everyone to send him suggestions for charity ideas, and many people did. Admittedly, most of the ideas were "give diamonds to me/my country" or "give poor people money", both of which arget dismissed as selfish and not in-depth enough. At the end of February, he chose MedimaNN as the winner with the idea of giving new or poor players a fortune III, efficiency V, unbreaking III, mending diamond pickaxe. Argetlam04 also announced the opening of the Abimapixsey Memorial Bank, which was the brainchild of him and Abimapixsey. The pickaxe initiative was a success with some players, and remained in place until 2021

Argetlam04 expanded his charity once again in early May 2020, announcing that new or poor players could get ten diamonds off their first transaction in #trade. This was both a way to get rid of diamonds and promote international cooperation. Along with that announcement, he announced that any person, poor or rich, could get free wool from him for cool projects if they need. About a week after this, argetlam04 announced another expansion where players or nations that have recently set up a villager system could redeem a stack of emerald blocks from him.