1.14 Troubles

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The 1.14 Troubles was a period of great unpleasantness for the Elgeis community. For the next eighteen days, the server lagged constantly, crashed intermittently, and generally caused reality for the Elgeis world to fall apart. Productivity ground to a halt. Diplomacy largely froze over, as no one was able to actually get into the game to take any action. Worst of all, several players, virtually all mobs, and many unique items in item frames met their demise as a result of the 1.14 Troubles.


The 1.14 Troubles occurred when server admin GoatWhisperer, to much rejoice from the community, updated the server from 1.13 to 1.14. This was a widely-reported bug on many servers, and was only fixed in 1.14.4.


Casualties of the 1.14 Troubles include:

  • Brain Stem, who strangely disappeared (but still lives and will return one day according to ToeGANG and Mother Fungus folklore) as the server updated to 1.14.
  • Goomyman77, who fell straight through the ground into the Void and died,
  • TV306 and YellowEvee22, who were riding together in a boat when it too fell through the water into the Void and caused both to perish. They both lost the entirety of Soraryius's gear and many building blocks.
  • GoatWhisperer, who met a similar fate as Goomyman77 and Soraryius but lost far less gear,
  • The entire server's MCMMO levels, which were irrevocably lost for unclear reasons upon updated.
  • Many of the server's animals, including all of Soraryius's horses, llamas, livestock, and one dog.
  • Goomyman77's gift-horse, Chevalier.
  • Every dog in Goomlandia.
  • The Blade of Icedale, FlyingGMM's First Wooden Pickaxe, The Pick of Montrose, and FlyingGMM's fishing rod, all of which were hung up on the wall in Gabeford.