Brain Stem

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Brain Stem is a divine ruler in toeGANG. He rules with 100% authority, and relies on the twin Toe Tyrants, ongstoes and hongstoes, to carry out his will.

First Days

Brain Stem was found on a visit ongstoes made to Soraryius in the early days of toeGANG history. The leaders of Soraryius say that they saw him at their docks one day. Scared to look him in the eye, they pushed him into a dark oak wood boat. Ongstoes saw this and immediately asked if she could keep him. On that day, April 7th, the Toe Gang officially adopted Brain Stem as their son. Ongstoes brought him to hongstoes' home in Bageltown. On this trip, he grabbed a piece of sand which has since become a staple of his character. He stayed there for about a day and a half before getting moved to the FCB's territory only about a day later.

Once ongstoes left the FCB, Brain Stem was promptly moved to Toe Land.

Toe Land

His house was carved into the side of an island behind Toe Tower. It started as a bare box with one of his bonsai trees he brought from the FCB but quickly became much more. He had a chest with everything that had been left for him and blocks from many far away places. His back wall had the banners of all the besties and his opposite wall had banners of visitors.

The Toe Gang national painting was also hung in his room and on his birthday he gained a cake to munch on. Brought by an old enemy, MithicSpirit, a turtle in a spruce boat joined him. One day while throwing eggs, the Toe Gang accidentally added a chicken to this turtle's boat.