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Invited by goomyman77, MithicSpirit joined Elgeis on February 27, 2019. Shortly after joining, MithicSpirit started his own country called Iskallia on March 2, 2019. It was located east of Tsarevets. Iskallia went on to merging with Goomlandia and MithicSpirit has stayed in Goomlandia ever since.



Named after a popular HermitCraft member, Iskall85, Iskallia was MithicSpirit's first real engagement with the political world. Throughout it's lifetime, MithicSpirit tried to stay neutral in many conflicts as the Khanate of Iskallia. On June 17, 2019, MithicSpirit joined Goomlandia and brought his home, The Tower of Iskallia, and Tsarevets along with him. Although having plan to restore Tsarevets, this was never done by MithicSpirit and was in-part due to not being able to get on the server from summer duties.


In Goomlandia, MithicSpirit tended to stay to himself in his tower. He attended the Goomtown BBQ and made his first enemies, toeGANG. MithicSpirit stayed as Minister of Economy for many months and worked with Grooge64 in developing Goomlandia's economy.



MithicSpirit was quick get on toeGANG's bad side. During the Goomtown BBQ, MithicSpirit had shot members of toeGANG which caused them to declare him as their enemy. Although the reasons were originally somewhat innocent, it soon turned major from MithicSpirit's hatred of Brain Stem. This landed MithicSpirit on toeGANG's official enemy list.