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"Y'know, for someone who seemed so disinterested on the MUN trip, Abstacious has really blossomed into a model Montrosian citizen" - FlyingGMM, 27 May, 2019

Abstacious is a Montrosian politician and figurehead. He is most notable as a former Consul of the Sylvian Union and as the current Header of the Commonwealth of Montrose.

Server History


Abstacious first learned about the Elgeis Minecraft Server when FlyingGMM approached him, argetlam04 (then MHJ04), KiritoV2, and MedimaNN while on a bus ride with an offer to join it. argetlam04 and MedimaNN accepted; Abstacious and KiritoV2 did not. The former would officially become players on the server later that day, on 17 February, 2019. argetlam04 joined Montrose, and for the next two months would return to Abstacious with more offers to join. Abstacious continued to reject, until he eventually became interested enough to want to try it out.

First Steps

Abstacious joined the Elgeis Minecraft Server on 12 April, finally accepting one of argetlam04's invites. Like many others, he wanted to be in the same nation as the person who invited him, and so became a citizen of Montrose, then under the Sylvian Union. Abstacious, along with the recently-returned BiteZaDusto4901, unknowingly settled in old RnanG land, actually part of the Sylvian Union Federal Province. FlyingGMM, Header of Montrose, took this as an opportunity to purchase said land from the Federal Province, thus placing them both in Montrosian territory. Two days later, Abstacious invited his own friend, ClaimingBand, to the server, and he too settled in the newly-acquired land.

Abstacious began construction of a large underwater glass dome that would become his house. According the surrounding lore, Abstacious' pet wolf, "Ander", sacrificed itself to provide protection to Abstacious and the glass dome. Thus, the dome acquired the name "Andervale".

Rise to Prominence

Following the ban of dinoking98, the tower that once housed his corporation stood contested in the waters between HUM and Goomnest. Prominent Sylvians expressed desire for the tower to be taken down, as it had been willed to and claimed by Goomnest. It would be Abstacious who would singlehandedly dismantle the quartz tower himself on 21 April. GoatWhisperer, then Consul of the Sylvian Union, created the title "Hero of the Union" to laud Abstacious for his work. A monument made of the same quartz from the DEInc tower would also be erected in the Federal Province in dedication to Abstacious.

Having already made a name for himself, Abstacious began seeking a more active role in Montrose and Sylvia. He entered and won the election for Montrosian delegate to the Sylvian Union. FlyingGMM appointed him Trankmeister, master of potions, on 28 April. And Abstacious even became one of the four "Besties" of Toe Gang on 18 May for letting them out of the floor of Gabeford, replacing goomyman77.

Beyond the Border

On 17 May, the size of the world map was expanded from 1000 blocks in each direction to 2000 blocks. Abstacious was one of the first to explore the uncharted territory, once again earning him "Hero of the Union". However, he broke an agreement between the Sylvian Union and Goomnest to stay to their respective halves of the map. For this, he was punished.

A day later, Abstacious would be the first to discover the mushroom island that today houses Goatwear. A small Montrosian colony was established on the island, with Abstacious as its head. This venture was not particularly significant, but the role would later be reformed on 7 July into Abstacious becoming "Minister of the West Sea" for Montrose, a title he still holds to this day. Abstacious was placed in charge of prismarine harvesting and given his own office in Fort Skardaz.

Minor International Contributions

The military career of Abstacious also began around this time. He served in Toe Gang's war against Ravvsend on 27 May and the Bagelonian Occupation of Goomtown on 24 June.

He also attended multiple weddings: Toe Gang's as ongstoes' best man and his own to argetlam04 (still MHJ04) on 2 June.

Abstacious invited TToad to the server on 29 May and Ob2 on 20 June. The latter would go on to form Botania, and Abstacious would be a major proponent of the Sylvian Union's alliance with the small nation.

Header of Montrose

On 16 July, BadhorsieJake entered the End Dimension at a time when it was closed off by the Kingdom of Vailan. He proceeded to go on the run as a fugitive, and attacked Vailan by burning their villager town, Rainbow Row. Abstacious joined Sylvia and Vailan forces in an attempt to capture the fugitive, which was ultimately successful. BadhorsieJake was secured in the Fort Graham Prison Cell, and eventually escorted away by the leaders of Vailan and Stradova. Neither him nor FlyingGMM were permitted to be present during BadhorsieJake's trial, but they both pillared up using scaffolding anyway to see the trial occurring from afar.

The following day, it was discovered that FlyingGMM had, during BadhorsieJake's time as a fugitive, provided BadhorsieJake with some flint and steel. Out of guilt, FlyingGMM resigned as Header of Montrose and bestowed the role upon Abstacious (this was still a time when Headership could be transferred at will). The same day, Al A'deaq declared war on the Sylvian Union. Abstacious fought and died twice in the Al A'deaq Crusade while performing his duties as Trankmeister, and spearheaded efforts in Montrose to fix all the damage done by the terror cell.

Abstacious continued carrying out his duties as Header for 1 week before happily returning the title back to FlyingGMM.

War of Northern Aggression

On 27 July, Abstacious was cut off from Elgeis for a week while on vacation. During that time, political turmoil brewed between the Kingdom of Vailan and non-Oarfanist states. When Abstacious returned, the tension came to a head as war was scheduled for that very day. Mere hours before conflict was set to begin, Abstacious was going around Montrose preparing when he stumbled upon high-profile items from important Montrosian locations on the estate of BadhorsieJake. BadhorsieJake was promptly evicted from the Sylvian Union as a then-exposed Vailan spy.

Due to him returning from vacation the very day of the war, Abstacious was given very little time to prepare, and was forced to fight the war with extremely lacking equipment. Abstacious fought at the Second Shelling of Gabeford and helped defend Sylvian frontiers from Vailan bombing. He was killed once by Flashy10.

The next day, guerrilla war between the two sides began. Abstacious ravaged the entirety of Rainbow Row alongside FlyingGMM, then worked with a large coalition of Sylvians and Toe Gang to destroy the house of Magos_Aspace and break into Vailan's unsecured vault. Abstacious also again worked with FlyingGMM to blow up and loot Oarfans' house.

On 6 August, the War of Northern Aggression ended, and Abstacious was able to return to life as normal. He helped repair damage within Montrose and worked with other citizens on reconstruction efforts.

Epic Montrose Time

On 13 August, FlyingGMM declared "Epic Montrose Time", "in which all things Montrosian will be done—epicly". Abstacious was appointed as Quartiermeister for Montrose to help with efforts regarding Epic Montrose Time. Primarily, this consisted of remodeling the newly-converted Montrosian Industrial District.

On 29 August, turtle2dj and his faction, Timeless, claimed over numerous spots in Goomlandia and began harassing various other countries. Abstacious assisted in efforts to spawntrap turtle2dj. For his work, he was awarded Goomlandia's first-ever accolade, the "Turtle Medal", on 31 August.

That same day, Abstacious published his very first book, "How To Run Your Country".

Consular Beginnings

Having served in the position for 2 months, argetlam04 was recalled as Consul of the Sylvian Union on 14 September. An election was immediately held to determine argetlam04's successor, but as Abstacious was the only one who ran, he won by default.

Abstacious' administration found immediate success; a series of roads was constructed linking the Sylvian Union to the wider world, the second End Portal was located and claimed, and the Zoning Violation Bridge Protest ended in favor of the Montrosian government, all within the span of less than 2 weeks.

Also, Mommy Sylvia was unveiled as the Sylvian Union's national mascot on 9 October.

Birth of Fianna

mr_gidyup joined the Elgeis Minecraft Server on 9 October and settled in some forest belonging to the Kingdom of Vailan. The next day, Abstacious discovered his settlement, expressing public concern over its location. After finding out whose base he had stumbled upon, Abstacious persuaded mr_gidyup to relocate to Dwarf Island, then under the control of Vanskovich, in exchange for Sylvian Protection. mr_gidyup thus founded the Kingdom of Fianna on top of Vanskovich with the backing of the Sylvian Union.

The Sylvian Union claimed that its support of the Kingdom of Fianna was a fight against imperialism, while Vanskovich maintains that the Kingdom of Fianna's actions were a violation of Vansk sovereignty. MedimaNN, co-leader of Vanskovich, and mr_gidyup failed to reach an agreement, and conflict seemed inevitable, when Grooge64 bought the entirety of Dwarf Island off Vanskovich and personally ceded it to the Kingdom of Fianna.