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Spruceville is a breeding town in Montrose which contains many resident villagers and iron golem which have been given the name of various older banned players.



Spruceville was founded during the Founding Period of Elgeis by mania_man111 but was given to Montrose who developed the area.

Montrose-Icedale War

Main article: Montrose-Icedale War

The first political incident in which Spruceville was involved in was the Montrose-Icedale War. Near the end of the war, erjan101 had burnt down Spruceville along with Gabeford as a last-ditch effort to cause lasting damage in Montrose. In the end, FlyingGMM caught erjan101 before he was able to escape and was able to retrieved all stolen items; afterwards, the war was concluded and peace was made.

Hatty_Hominid Raids

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During Hatty_Hominid's final acts on the server before being banned, he burnt down Spruceville and murdered all its residing villagers during a spree of other attacks.

1.14 Troubles

Main article: 1.14 Troubles

On May 23, 2019, argetlam04 noticed that all the villagers and iron golems went missing and seemingly despawned in Spruceville. As this happened along with other similar occurrences on the server, it was decided to be lumped with problems that arose with the update to 1.14.

Spruceville Canal Crisis

In June of 2019, Vailan, under the leadership of vetous, had built a canal between Spruceville and themselves. The conflict that ensued was due to the fact that Vailan knowingly built the canal in land that was claimed by Montrose, under the Sylvian Union. The crisis was ended when the two parties agreed to open the canal and modify the borders to be split between the two.

Al A'Deaq

This conflict was later brought back up by Flashy10 and Buckman_62 when they left Vailan as part of a "reconquista" of holy Oarfanist sites. Montrose ended up ceding the land to Al A'Deaq to appease the terrorists who eventually returned to Vailan, completing their ownership of the canal.

Message announcing Montrose's claim over the Spruceville Canal

Montrosian Reclaim

On March 20, 2021, Montrose decided to contest the claim Vailan had on the canal. This claim was supported by the fact that Vailan did not repair the damages done to it from the Great Western War and Vailan's claim over the land was not shown on any map since Fall of 2019. Two days later, on March 22, 2021, it was officially deemed to be uncontested by officials of Vailan. In the end, FlyingGMM completed restoration of the canal on March 26, 2021.