Hatty Hominid Raids

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The Hatty_Hominid Raids were a series of raids conducted by Hatty_Hominid in response to his own house being burned. The raids were the climax of the Coalition Period and took place on September 29th.


The Coalition Period consisted largely of intense diplomatic tensions between both major coalitions, the Prosperity League and the South Sea Coalition, comparable to a cold war. Both sides fully expected war to break out at any time. In preparation for such a war, GoatWhisperer, leader of the then-independent HUM, a member state of the Prosperity League, had rigged Hatty_Hominid’s house to be burned remotely by placing a trapped chest in his house next to a dispenser which could be filled with flint and steel or a fire charge. If the dispenser was armed, it would set Hatty_Hominid's mostly wooden house alight. Unfortunately, GoatWhisperer presumably left the mechanism armed while testing the device, as Hatty_Hominid came on the server one day to find his house on fire. (It was not determined that GoatWhisperer had been the one to accidentally set the house alight until several weeks afterwards, when he admitted it.)

Hatty_Hominid proceeded to engage in what he called “collective justice”: by burning Lucas’ house, searching unsuccessfully for ClapYoThighs’ house in the mesa, and finally burning FlyingGMM’s house around an hour later, in addition to the dark forest in Montrose, and Spruceville (in addition to massacring the villagers.) This was responded to by FlyingGMM by burning down and looting the rest of Hatty_Hominid’s house.

The purported goal of this, according to Hatty_Hominid, was to eventually find the person responsible for burning his house, and end up burning their house, by virtue of burning all the other ones. However, it was put forth by many at the time that this was only a thinly-veiled excuse to go on such a spree of destruction.


The raids would have continued had it not come out via Perihelion_Jack that Hatty_Hominid had been the one who had originally burned AbstractEgg’s house. Being that the burning fell under "wanton griefing", disallowed by the rules, GoatWhisperer banned him from the server.

Soon thereafter, Factions was added to the server, as it was determined that it was far too easy without any territorial protections to cause the type of mayhem that Hatty_Hominid had caused. In response, Perihelion_Jack (sole citizen of the Dark Forest Investment Co.) and The Water Boys declared that they were leaving the server. They all ceded their lands to the Icedale Guild. Most of these lands were divided among the Prosperity League member states of HUM, Montrose, and Rhett at the Taco Bell Conference.