Dark Forest Investment Co.

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The Dark Forest Investment Co. was a mercantile state located in the dark forest and Lucavarian Plain to the south of Montrose and southwest of HUM. Originally starting in the swamps to the north of HUM and in eastern Montrose, with a cottage located exactly where the current-day Montrosian Production Emporium stands, the DFIC moved its base of operations to the southern portion of Sylvia after the ban of mania_man111. They took over and modernized the former residence, turning it into a storefront and using it as a new headquarters for the state. The headquarters of the DFIC was re-appropriated yet again as the Prosperity League Headquarters upon the DFIC's dissolution.

The banner of the Dark Forest Trading Co., oft derided as "the Spiderman banner".


The Dark Forest Investment Co. was historically one of the most aggressive nations in the world. Citizens of the DFIC and the DFIC-organized/dominated South Sea Coalition participated in unprovoked attacks on Montrose, Rhett (see: First Burning of Rhett), and other non-aligned states. The DFIC participated in brinksmanship, rivalry, and division to exert influence over the contemporary Southern groups, such as The Water Boys and Icedale Guild.