South Sea Coalition

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The South Sea Coalition (SSC) was a military alliance between the Dark Forest Investment Co., Hatty_Hominid (who lived as both a citizen of the DFIC and of the Icedale Guild), and The Water Boys. The SSC was formed as a result of Perihelion_Jack’s and The Water Boys’ want for southern Montrosian land, The Water Boys’ want for Rhett land and waterspace, and general diplomatic tensions due to Montrose's international presence and image. It was later determined that the main driver behind the SSC's formation were exaggerations told to Hatty_Hominid and The Water Boys by Perihelion_Jack.

The Prosperity League was formed directly in order to oppose this military alliance (main article: Prosperity League). The PL's main mission fell along the lines of protecting the balance of power in Sylvia and surrounding landmasses from the SSC. The states and unaligned players forming the PL included Montrose, HUM, ClapYoThighs, Rhett, Lucas, and Bagelonia. The states therein were mostly bound together by mutual allegiance, wanting to have an orderly server, territorial interests against the SSC, or a combination of the three.