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ClapYoThighs is a Western influential citizen, politician, and diplomat. He began as a citizen of Montrose, but soon seceded, forming the Guardian's State, which was then dissolved and the lands sold back to Montrose when ClapYoThighs settled in HUM in a dirt hut outside of GoatWhisperer's house (without GoatWhisperer's consent).

After being found guilty of committing arson against Rhett in a poorly-run trial largely called a "travesty of justice", ClapYoThighs was exiled from HUM and travelled East, constructing a stone complex in current-day Goomlandia.

Eventually, as the East became more crowded, ClapYoThighs returned to the West once more, building another castle complex in HUM territory (again, without GoatWhisperer's consent), establishing the Order of the Blazing Sun. Reluctantly, GoatWhisperer invited ClapYoThighs to HUM owing to the castle's closeness to HUM territory and the consequent disastrous consequences of a rivalry with the Order of the Blazing Sun so close to home. However, this induction of ClapYoThighs into HUM became one of the most revolutionary developments in HUMmian history, as ClapYoThighs would go on to complete developments in HUM on an unprecedented scale and become the most influential citizen in HUM's history.

Within HUM, he engaged in extensive domestic works-- building roads, terraforming the land, and building numerous structures to further the HUMmian cause. It was then that Clap's strength as a foreign diplomat began to shine, as his frequent excursions to far-off lands and charismatic manner netted HUM a multitude of foreign support and allies. Many of HUM's foreign operations, both overt and covert, originated with ClapYoThighs, and especially to the East, ClapYoThighs was often a more familiar face of HUM than GoatWhisperer.

ClapYoThighs was appointed Chairman of HUM on April 10, 2019, as a result of GoatWhisperer's ascension to the Consulship of the Sylvian Union. He currently serves as a HUMmian delegate to the Sylvian Parliament and is commissioned as the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs. In this capacity ClapYoThighs maintains good relations with several Eastern nations and is designated as one of the best communicators in Sylvia's arsenal.


During his time in Montrose, ClapYoThighs constructed and lived in the structure now known as Fort Graham. He founded the Raider Ale Co. with Erjan101 and built a market district within the ClapYoThighs estate to host it.