Balkan Troubles

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The Balkan Troubles were a series of events triggered by the near-simultaneous collapse of the two Balkan nations, Schevakia and Yugoslavia. The two nations fell for independent reasons, but the unrest and uncertainty in the area caused by the splintering of two major powers eventually led to major conflict. The Balkan Troubles were by many measures the largest and most destructive conflict in the history of Elgeis, with dozens killed, massive amounts of buildings and infrastructure destroyed, and a majority of the world's nations involved at one point. The troubles were at the center of global geopolitics for much of mid-2020, and are generally considered to have come to a formal close with the reunification of both Schevakia and Yugoslavia in September of 2020.

The Balkanisation

The first stage of the Balkan Troubles started on April 21st 2020 when Yugoslavia was forced to disband due to inability to maintain control over its regions, soon followed by the splintering of Schevakia.

Fall of Yugoslavia

As the country had been suffering of stagnation for a while, it was eventually decided that the country would be split. The King of Yugoslavia maintained control of the northern areas, reforming into the state of Srbija, later named Ravna Gora. The South went to the newly independent countries of Vladivostok and TSA (Tri-State Area).  This also left territory unclaimed by the resulting splinter states: Fianna and the IBWH claimed land in the North-West, CSA claimed land in the central West, Goomlandia and Grove Tribe claimed land in the far North. As the new states no longer gave claims to the Yugoslav government, a large part of former Yugoslav buildings were simply left unclaimed.

Fall of Schevakia

Not even a day later, the nation of CSA (Confederated Schevakian Alliance) split off from Schevakia. Its leadership said they had grown disillusioned with the rampant corruption in the Schevakian government, and took with them the states of Melaconia and Northern Polgolas, as well as claiming some of the now uninhabited former Yugoslav areas. CSA claimed to be the true successor to the democratic values and ideals of Schevakia, a claim supported by Sylvia, although Sylvia did later rescind their alliance with CSA. This led to major upheaval and conflict in Schevakia, with catcherzw, the president of Schevakia, resigning and fleeing to his home state of Jacksonia, which then also left Schevakia and became an independent nation. Following this, Schevakia bore witness to a socialist uprising, whereby Mr_Waffles17 took control of the senate, forming the Peoples' Republic of Schevakia. This led to parts of Southern Polgolas seceding as the new state of Satama. Contesting the PRS's claims, the Democratic Republic of Ambrosia was formed from the ashes of the state of Ambrosia, claiming to be yet another true successor to the mantle of Schevakia.

Formation of the Balkan Federation

Seeking more stability, several nations of the area then formed an alliance to help them maintain power and control in the region. The founding members of that Balkan Federation were Ravna Gora, TSA and Satama, and they were later joined by the Southwestern country of Wohlstand.

Drums of War

Seeing opportunity, Wohlstand struck and annexed the Schevakian land of Ilyrdom, which was currently under the tentative claim of the PRS. Feeling threatened, the Schevakian successor state of Jacksonia then seized control of what had been the federal lands of the former Schevakian state, effectively leaving the PRS landless. However, the PRS threatened retaliation against Wohlstand for encroaching on its lands, and with speeches of Schevakian nationalism, managed to rally all of the former Schevakian nations except Ambrosia to support them.

The Balkan Federation stood behind Wohlstand, which initially refused to back down on its claims. As the Schevakian bloc prepared for war, they were joined by Ozai and Fianna, who both had an alliance with CSA.

Seeing that real war loomed over it, Wohlstand was prepared to negotiate and even cede the contentious territories. However, before they could to that, their fellow Balkans, outraged by what they perceived to be "the world turning against them", struck against Schevakian lands in a terrorist attack, burning down and destroying parts of Schenektengrad, including claims of the neutral DRA. They initially failed to own up to the attack, but when the evidence provided by the FBI (Fianna Bureau of Intelligence) exposed them as the only perpetrators, the international community called them out for this conduct. At this point, the Sylvian Union, disturbed by the severe attack in the middle of peace negotiations and the subsequent reluctance to take responsibility, felt the responsibility to intervene in spite of voiding their alliances with the bloc previously.

Following that, Wohlstand released Ilyrdom, left the Federation and proclaimed neutrality, leaving the rest of the Federation to fend on its own as numerous parties that had aligned themselves with Schevakia1 perpetrated a countergrief against the Federation's lands, leaving them in ruins. This caused the Balkan Federation to break even further, with Katawicz's Ravna Goran state known as Hybrasil breaking off, wanting nothing to do with the conflict.

Wake of Destruction

In the aftermath, the Balkan Federation was disbanded. The TSA—Tri-State Area—signed a peace treaty with Sylvia, Fianna, and the SchevakiansGeneral_Draza of Ravna Gora and Kaleidoeyes127, however, promised retribution, and formed the terrorist organization of Crna Ruka or the "Black Hand", controlling the territories of Satama, which they called "HÜM". NNDimethyltrip left Satama to join TwicelandArcherAce and SnoteleksII, former members of TSA and Ravna Gora, formed a new country called Farnough.

Shortly afterwards, the Black Hand came into conflict with the armed forces of the Schevakian bloc, a confrontation in which the Black Hand was victorious. They also managed to ambush and kill another CSA citizen, Banksy007, who then left the CSA to found his own counter-terrorist organization unbound by CSA laws or international opinion.

The Kingdom of Fianna issued a warning to the Black Hand to refrain from launching any attacks against it, promising brutal retaliation otherwise. The Black Hand dismissed this and expressed that they did not fear Fianna's threats of eternal war, and that Fianna would not be let off the hook for destroying the BF's homeland. Some time later, the Black Hand struck against Ozai, allegedly succeeding in having "blown up or otherwise destroyed" a large portion of the country. As a final attempt to gain control over the Black Hand, Montrosian citizen Chipt I was sent by Sylvia as a secret agent to gain intelligence, and although these efforts proved unfruitful, resolution was reached in a different way.


After the Black Hand managed to cause considerable damage to a number of Sylvian settlements, a ceasefire was negotiated. As terms of this truce, FlyingGMM had to compose a ballad detailing the Schevakian bloc's frustration with its many attempts to defeat the Black Hand.2 However, following initial delays, the project was scrapped when Kaleidoeyes127 clarified that this treaty would only provide peace with the Sylvian Union, leaving the rest of the Schevakian Bloc to fend for itself. Following this, General_Draza, one of the two founding members of the organisation, declared his departure from the organization as he went on to form the peaceful monastic state of Krvija in the north. The remaining Crna Ruka member, Kaleidoeyes127, continued to launch terrorist attacks against countries across the globe, with no sign of resolution in sight.

Krvija Bunker Raid

On July 13th, 2020, FlyingGMM announced that an unspecified Sylvian, later revealed to be Chipt I, had explored Krvija and found stolen original books, personal items, and gear from the Schevakian Bloc, all significant evidence of a Black Hand outpost. Soon after, members of the Schevakian Bloc arrived on the scene & began to explore this base. Kaleidoeyes127 joined the server in a Krvijan castle near the base, confirming their suspicions. Having given her armor away to catcherzw as an apology gift the night before, she joined the server armorless and was quickly killed by Flaming_Halapeno, and her bed was located and lava trapped by FlyingGMM. In response, Kaleidoeyes127 began to annoy FlyingGMM in chat, repeating messages and causing chaos, eventually causing FlyingGMM to modify the spawn trap so she would instantly be killed upon respawn.

The Schevakian Bloc regretted the heavy destruction in the past and decided that they would leave the base otherwise intact. The CSA subsequently unclaimed the Black Hand's land in southern Polgolas. Kaleidoeyes127 argued for her release from the bed trap, believing that taking advantage of faction power was an unfair. Her argument was met with strong opposition, and she left Elgeis, uninterested in playing in an environment where she believed her voice wasn't heard by the staff.3

Black Hand Museum

Soon after the raid, the Black Hand outpost was claimed by the Union of Allied Countries. Upon her rejoining the server, Kaleidoeyes127 acquired the land from the UAC with intent to turn it into a Black Hand Museum, the construction of which is currently ongoing.


1 namely the forces of Sylvian Union, Ozai, Fianna, and all the Schevakian states. Some Goomlandian volunteers were supposed to participate, but never appeared.

2 FlyingGMM never finished this work. It was soon forgotten, though, as other events became more pressing and relevant.

3 Kaleidoeyes127 rejoined Elgeis on September 24th, 2020.