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On April 28th, 2020, the "Beachdom of Farnough" was founded by two ex-Yugoslavians, ArcherAce and StonkseleksI. This was largely a cover-up for being involved in the Black Hand, located in the far north, as well as freedom to build what they wanted. Located in the far south-eastern desert, many of their buildings were built of sandstone as it was the most obtainable material at hand.


Upon founding, both ArcherAce and StonkseleksI had equal power and mutually agreed on anything they did. There was no voting system implemented, and since the eviction of StonkseleksI their form of government is unknown.


The flag StonkseleksI stood on
Extreme turtle population in Farnough

After a relatively normal founding and war crimes against Fianna, the two co-leaders had a falling out caused by StonkseleksI climbing onto a Wohlstandic flag. The following events led StonkseleksI to leave to join Rapture, Farnough's then-ally.