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Rapture was an independent city state whose main territory was south of Rhett. Beginning in early October 2019, the Rapture Project was the brainchild of MTJNC, who envisioned a private, underwater community. Rapture consists of several underwater glass domes, where building space therein was given out freely to individuals. The underwater city used to belong under the jurisdiction of Rhett, but was granted independence after MTJNC's exile from the Sylvian Union.


The ocean floor to the south of Rhett Tropical was chosen as the site for Rapture. To prepare land for the structures, the ocean floor was flattened by a collaborative private effort, employing Fenians, coolnut10, and doctorspaghetti.

The glass dome was built almost solely by MTJNC, supplied by previous participants in the project as well as ThePoptartTARDIS. The dome shape was also built almost solely by MTJNC, supplied by several of the players who helped level the area for the dome as well as other donors. Eventually, the dome encapsulated a space 60 blocks wide and long, with a 30-block-high ceiling.

After the dome was built, the interior needed to be drained of water. While sponges were initially sought, they were not available in high enough amounts to accomplish this. Instead, gravel was used, with a number of other volunteers being brought in to do this job. However, this proved very inefficient, so MTJNC decided to fill the interior with wood, and burned it. This took several days, but eventually the dome was filled entirely with wood and burned.


Current and past structures in Rapture include: