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"Not all those who wander are lost. We were until we found our home. The Ozai were beckoned by the ice fields, and built a new nation atop and below the verdant islands and the peninsula. We stand ready to defend ourselves against others, but also to build a new order atop the shining lands we possess."


Ozai is a nation in the south-western area of Elgeis by the World Border. During Ozai's lifetime, it was led by its founder, WorkablePuffin. It is surrounded by the Greater Ice Fields to the south and east and the wilderness to the north.



Ozai was founded on February 14, 2020, by WorkablePuffin. The land that the current capital is located in was discovered when he went north from the old lands of Deathwatch and discovered the greater ice fields. A location near the world border and these ice fields was chosen as the capital, with the northern island and the Ozan Peninsula to be larger subsidiaries of the nation.

Land Dispute with Yanshu

Soon after the founding and claiming of the Ozan nation, it was discovered that the people of Yanshu had a claim to a portion of the Ozan Peninsula called the Yug. Ozai temporarily ceded the land while it bided its time, and by this time the second member of Ozai, Echitz1, had arrived. Ozai received military assistance from Sylvia, Schevakia, and Fianna in reclaiming into the Yug. The Yanshu Dynasty promptly surrendered the land to Ozai and withdrew all claims from the area. The conflict was bloodless and lasted less than a day, taking place on February 15, 2020.

Conflict with PizzasWithBone

PizzasWithBone, the leader of Deathwatch, expressed desire to raid and destroy Ozan territory and assets. Members of the Ozan Marine Corps and Engineers promptly struck his known home and eliminated the surrounding area. Shortly after, a member of Sylvia gave them the location of the man himself. The two men quickly went to the man's residence, which PizzasWithBone was trapped inside of. He then attempted to kill himself but was kept alive for a short amount of time until he was brutally murdered.


Ozai would go on to reform into Caracalistan, which was a short lived terrorist organization aimed at crippling the former BH's members. Caracalistan would go on to morph into Vastilis, and Vastilis would go on to return to the roots, returning to Ozai.


Ozai would return to the world stage at camaradultudor's initiative shortly after joining Wohlstand to stay away from Montrose. The return of this Ozai would start proper, with most of the Ozans being Vastilians who contributed against the Endossi war effort. However, their reputation would be almost destroyed, with little to no friends left in the world, following Ozai's aggressive foreign policies in the West Sea, eventually leading to the creation of the WSSP and the unallying of both Wohlstand and Montrose.


Ozai is led by a Merchant Council, with three members having equal power, those members being H0PLlTE, camaradultudor and haddock7. In practice, it is a direct democracy, but in reality, a oligarchy.


Ozai's military was divided into three branches: the Ozan Air Corps, who specialized in Elytra combat; the Ozan Marine Corps, who specialized in ground combat; and the Ozan Engineers, who specialized in construction of redstone devices and fortifications. Ozai's military would go on to become known for it's overzealous fighting effort, and their surprisingly good fighting skills, this theory being supported by most Ozans. Wither and TNT usage is something the Ozans remain known for, as they participated in the destruction of Endossi's & Madd's infamous invinincible storages, leading to a good amount of the stolen items being retrieved.


  • North Spoingus
  • South Spoingus
  • Wooklandia
  • Lubraen Province
  • West Brambor
  • Glavnaya
  • Ozan Home Island
  • Ozan Mainland