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PizzasWithBone is a banned player who founded the pirate raiding state of Deathwatch. He was a unwilling participant in Brayton Jail, an event in which he was trapped in an underground obsidian box, and was the first player on Elgeis to ever be imprisoned in such a manner. He was banned after being released from imprisonment and going on an indiscriminate griefing spree which reached across the map. His actions and the server's handling of them have been a landmark case, affecting the admins' handling of toxic players which have come after him using the issues he presented as a rule of thumb, as well as developing the concept of imprisonment to contain problem players in-game.

He was decidedly immoral, engaging in combat logging and other dishonorable acts when fighting, as well as editing and deleting messages in the Discord allowing him to write toxic messages which ran afoul of the server's rules and change the message before the admins could see.

A full account of the original pirate exploits of PizzasWithBone, including his raiding state's rise and fall, can be found at the Deathwatch article.


PizzasWithBone appealed his ban nearly a year after the original ban, maintaining innocence of his previous crimes and expressing regret for living a toxic raider lifestyle. He told the community he wanted to rejoin in order to build, and the community allowed him to return.

Upon returning, he immediately returned to his raiding lifestyle, reforming Deathwatch. While contradictory to what he promised the community in his appeal, this was not against the rules. He spent much of his time simply finding structures to TNT into and taking the resources out of them, particularly in Vailan.

He was at one point found to be in possession of duped shulkers, but with evidence unclear how he came to have them and his fervent insistence that it was a glitch, he was given the benefit of the doubt. Despite this close call, his act was not cleaned up: a couple days later, on March 2nd, 2020, he was found to be X-ray mining, and was consequently banned.