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Deathwatch was a pirate state led by PizzasWithBone (banned) in the late Repopulation Period. A single-person state, Deathwatch prided itself as a raider group that intended to be feared among the civilized nations of the map.


Deathwatch first found a home in a pirate ship based in the Bay of Tsarevets built by Erjan101 of Tsarevets, who, for reasons still relatively unknown, provided support and limited patronage to PizzasWithBone's new state. Deathwatch opened their raiding career with an assault on Rhett, who had initially helped them get started, blowing a hole in the wall of AbstractEgg's storage shed and making off with many of his enchanted books. After FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg burned the main Deathwatch ship in the Siege of Deathwatch, PizzasWithBone lived on the run in Goomlandia, who had sympathies for the fledgling pirate and granted him unofficial asylum.

Eventually, on January 27th, 2019, PizzasWithBone was lured into Fort Graham's obsidian prison cell in an event known as Brayton Jail. His imprisonment halted Deathwatch's reign of terror, until a falsified apology letter (see PizzasWithBone's Apology) along with intense international pressure convinced FlyingGMM to release him due to a perceived recognizance, nearly a month later. The very next day, several raids were found to have been done all over the server, including:

  • the looting of everything owned by Voidnest,
  • the burning of Cassti’s house and wholesale slaughter of her pets and livestock,
  • the partial burning of two buildings in HUM-- the former home of aquascissors and the Great Hall,
  • the burning of two buildings in Goomlandia,
  • the partial damage of a stable in Bagelonia,
  • many of the wooden buildings in Tsarevets.

Furthermore, PizzasWithBone became ever-more snarky as the day progressed, even going as far as to say that FlyingGMM couldn’t actually enforce him not to raid people.

As Deathwatch's raiding was part of Deathwatch's roleplay, it was allowed and tolerated by the administration of the server (although it received global in-game condemnation), however the final raiding spree of PizzasWithBone was not for any purpose, even raiding (which is done against an enemy or to derive resources), and based upon this senseless griefing (reinforced with general toxicity and other minor infractions) PizzasWithBone was banned and Deathwatch dissolved.