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The Vladivostok Socialist Federative Soviet Republic was initially a dutchy in the Yugoslavia under the control of the two dukes Darin_The_Sly and BirchwoodMC. The land was terraformed during an even know as the leveling when the two dukes decided to level the entire area to sea level. After the fall of Yugoslavia and subsequent razing of Serbia Darin and Birchwood Decided to form a Vladivostok as a soviet model republic.


Vladivostok is governed by the Supreme Soviet of the Vladivostok Soviet Federative Republic and The Central Committee of The Communist Party of the Vladivostok SFSR. The Supreme Soviet is the legislative body of the VSFSR and any member of the Communist Party of the VSFSR may join the Supreme Soviet. The Central Committee controls the executive and judicial matters of the VSFSR The Central Committee is led by the General Secretary of the Communist Party who is currently BirchwoodMC. The Central Committee may veto legislation at its leisure and its rulings are de facto law.