Union of Allied Countries

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The Union of Allied Countries, or U.A.C., is a federation of four member states: the Armed Republic Of Franadia (ARF), the Federal Republic Of Japrussia (FRJ), the United Sovereign States Of Amerinc (USSA), and the United States Of Gremerica (USG).

The Leaders of the member states are part of a national council that makes group decisions on issues involving all members. One person on the council serves as the council leader, who holds the position for four years. The current council leader is bigboytrain360. The council leader is the head of the UAC, however the leader only receives one vote on the council.

Although the member states work together to handle more national issues, the states are run separately by their respective leaders with little U.A.C. interference. The leaders of the nations are:

The U.A.C. uses its own currency, the Alliance Credit, which is shared between all of its member nations.

Capital Cities

There are multiple capital cities within the U.A.C. the most prominent one being Union Center which is shared between the member states. Below is a complete list of the current capitals and the states associated with them.

  • Union Center (All Members Of The U.A.C.) (Under Construction)
  • Federal District (Amerinc) (Construction Planned)
  • Athengton (Gremerica) (Construction Planned)
  • Red Square (Japrussia) (Construction Planned)
  • Francia (Franadia) (Construction Planned)