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Earthspeech is the main language of the Grove Tribe, and is unrelated to the Overworld Common used as the server's lingua franca. As Grove Tribe members are all fluent in the latter, it is not often they can be caught in using their ancestral language, and younger generations have started to using Common even amongst themselves. Still, the tribe makes a point of maintaining their unique cultural identity, and as of such the common there are some common words and phrases known to the public.

hyeče! - hello! (used only when meeting someone in person)

hye _____! - hello, ______

hye tem! - hello, everybody

aŧra! - goodbye! (lit. be healthy!)

Ú nanaga'et tyépebesŧásin! - Happy birthday! (lit. We are happy on the day you were born)

Hrá/Harahrá - earth/The Earth

Fun/Fufun - wind/The Winds

Eħra/Eyeħra - water/The Waters

Rú/Rúrú - fire/Fire

Rúniwúferencecemu - The Wither (lit. The Three Old Flaming Heads)

Šušũnayanyar - Ender Dragon (lit. The Darkest Predator)

Nárra - Nether (lit. Lowness)

Šušurru - End (lit. The Darkness)

Nagé - Villager

Héhé - Spirit

kumethracemu - jack-o-lantern (talking earth-head)

hraħanemm - Smoking Totem (little earth-house)

Ryuššriħan/Aŧásriħan - House of Cleansing (house of cleansing/house of becoming healthy)

Hagu'ahakħan - Temple of Toils (house of revering work)

hrãgistt - Earthwalker (lit. we who walk through the Earth)

hratú't - Earthseer (lit. they who know the Earth)

ħemuktú't - Druid (lit. they who know the trees)

maritú't - Wildkin (lit. they who know the hunt)

menukumeta - new speaker

tenkume - everyone's talk

harekume - wise talk

temmi - for everyone

bayk - friend

truwup - foreigner

Siwwya - Sylvia

Mũčús - Montrose

H.H.M (heŧihrabubi'tmyutneme) - HUM (Company that is on a High Mountain)

Weyrann - Vailan

Fiyanna - Fianna

Gúmetu - Goomlandia

Banapu - Banapo

MŠB (Mučšun Ševakya Baykneme) - CSA (Confederated Schevakian Alliance)