World Tree

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The World Tree (Harahráħenúħ or "Tree of Earth" in Earthspeech) is a settlement and an important religious site of the Grove Tribe. It is located in the Western part of Grove Tribe.

The settlement is easily distinguished by a giant tree within it, which the locals named the settlement after. They consider the tree and the site as a whole to be sacred and full of spiritual energy. The settlement is covered in a dense forest of various kinds of trees, and the low light levels of the settlement allow for various fungi to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, this also creates excellent conditions for hostile mobs to spawn, which locals make sure to purge out of their sacred grounds, as part of their religious mission to rid their lands of evil.

The World Tree is believed to spring from a seed of an ancient forest that covered the mesa before it became a desolate barren after the war with the great spirit of Fire.

The location of the settlement is rather interesting, as it is touches the border of Goomlandia. However, there were no conflicts as of now between the two, as Goomlandia shows great respect to the site.

Harahráħenúħ, 2020-04-25.