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Haddock7 is a prominent member of the West Sea, he is one of the Ozan Merchant Regulators and the de facto leader of Ozai. Haddock7 was formerly a Caracalistan Councilman, Vastilian Senator, Vastilian Arch-Justicar and Commanding Officer of the Caracalistan Engineering Corps and is most notably known for his role in the Jugoslav-Caracali War, as well as the Coalition War. Haddock7 is one of the original Floppaists, and currently serves as the Archbishop of Floppaism.



Haddock7 joined the server on November 11 2020. Joining Caracalistan on the same day. He assisted in the development of the nation through mining and construction of Bunker 2. He would eventually be given placed on the Caracalistan Council, after showing enough dedication. He served on the Council alongside WorkablePuffin and H0PLlTE. Further dedication saw his promotion to the Commander of the Caracalistan Engineering Corps, where he played a large role in the Jugoslav-Caracali War. He would be bedtrapped in the Caracali bunks in Bunker 2 after his death in a duel by the hands of ThePoptartTARDIS and Katawicz. Following the end of the war, he and H0PLlTE would secede from Caracalistan and form Vastilis as a new start for them both.


On November 28, 2020 H0PLlTE and Haddock7 would secede from Caracalistan, announcing the creation of Vastilis, a new direct theodemocracy within the West Sea. H0PLlTE would assume the role of Arch-Justicar of Vastilis, whilst Haddock7 would take up the position of Senator. As a Senator, Haddock7 presided over the development and expansion of the country's existing facilities, namely The Vastilian Industrial District, Vastilian Agricultural District, Fort Chad and the Capital City Bingard.

As a Senator, haddock7 oversaw negotiations between Vastilis and the Orthodox Church of Jusef for the return of the Floppaist Prophets: Floppa and Bingus during the Prophet War.

Whilst in Vastilis, haddock7 assisted in the Montrosian investigation into the disappearance of MTJNC's valuables; aiding the Empire of Schevakia in their military campaign against Endossi; commanding ground forces during the excavation of Endossi's storages and negotiation of Bardum's surrender during the First Vastilis-Bardum War. Following this, H0PLlTE would step down from his position as Arch-Justicar and assume the role of Duke of Spoingus, with haddock7 taking up his former position. Alongside Camaradultudor, the leader of Schevakia, and 0kej, the leader of Wohlstand, he would help in the formation of the Council for the Appropriate Handling of Historical Sites, which would later become The Coalition.

He would go on to further aid Schevakia by leading Operation Kickabitch Tribe, whereby both Endossi's and MaddHtR08's main bunker was liberated in the search for stolen items during the Coalition War.


On January 30, 2022, haddock7, camaradultudor and H0PLlTE would reform Ozai, where he would serve on the Council of Merchant Regulators and as the de facto leader. He would continue to oversee the expansion of Ozan territory as well as the country's further industrialisation. Whilst in this position he would play a key role in the first Ozai-Emeraldian War as well as the subsequent Ozai-Balandis War in which he would dismantle one of the Botanian Islands below sea level in an act of revenge for the murder of Bingus. During the second Ozai-Emeraldian War, he would play a pivotal role in the major ground battles that took place between Ozan and West Sea Security Pact Forces, leading to victory for the Merchant Regulators.