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The first mention of the CAHHS, which would go on to become The Coalition

The Coalition, first known formally as the Council for the Appropriate Handling of Historical Sites, was a military coalition formed during the Endossi—MaddHtR08 theft/griefing spree by four countries, Montrose, Wohlstand, Vastilis and Schevakia to oppose Endossi and MaddHtR08, who had officially teamed up together to steal and grief from multiple countries.



Camaradultudor, the leader of Schevakia at the time, would come up with the idea of a Coalition, following the exposure of Endossi's involvement in the theft of Brunt's items, which camaradultudor took great offense for. The first mention of the Coalition was in a voice chat with haddock7, leader of Vastilis, and 0kej, leader of Wohlstand, when camaradultudor brought up the idea of a military coalition against the two thieves. They both had agreed, and the idea was put into motion, with Montrose being the first nation invited to it by the three other countries.

The Coalition would be created under a democratic system in it's first hours, as FlyingGMM would introduce a clause (which was later revoked) that made every proposal require unanimous yes votes in order to pass, making sure everybody's opinion would be taken into consideration.


Camaradultudor would be a subject of controversy multiple times in the Coalition, especially as more nations would join the Coalition, a good number of whom would disagree with camaradultudor's de-facto leadership over the Coalition.

Multiple controversies would arise from within the Coalition, second being the Montrosian-aligned group within the Coalition lying to the other members of the Coalition, whom were not aware at the time of MasterInventor and ThePoptartTARDIS actively working with the Coalition and giving them information about their enemies. As MI's and Poptart's spy status for Montrose would go on to be exposed individually to multiple people, the tensions within the Coalition would arise, as some nations, notably Wohlstand would feel left out and would not accept the Montrosian excuses. This would lead to Montrose unallying Wohlstand, once the tensions between the two nations would reach a boiling point.

The End

The Coalition would meet it's end once Endossi and MaddHtR08 would get banned, essentially dealing the final blow to them, with 'divine punishment', as put by multiple members of the Coalition. The Coalition however would not officially end as FlyingGMM, the elected leader of the Coalition, would insist on keeping the Coalition alive until he would settle a deal with submarine23, a Bardumite who would go on to become completely inactive following Endossi's ban citing 'personal reasons'. Shortly after FlyingGMM would reach a compromise with submarine23, the Coalition would meet it's end, with the discord being archived and the people inside remaining in it.


Multiple countries would attempt to join the Coalition but would be ultimately refused due to reasons unknown to this day, primarily Syltheim, whom tried to join the Coalition but was inevitably denied entrance by multiple countries within it.

A list of countries who have or were active members of the Coalitions include:

- Vastilis

- Schevakia

- Montrose

- Wohlstand

- Fianna

- Emeraldia

- Vostok

- Goomlandia

- Grove Tribe