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Emeraldia is a constitutional monarchy in the bottom left corner of the West Sea. It is an active member of the West Sea Confederation and the West Sea Security Pact, and has been a historic enemy of its neighboring nation of Ozai. The capital city of Emerald Bay is by far the biggest urban center in the nation with most other towns being small and relatively empty, although this might soon change as the city of Portlandia is under construction. The nation has unique culture and history, and is one of the few nations to have a King/Queen as it's ruler.



Emeraldia was founded on August 7th, Year 4 in the region of New Icedale by Random_Person96 after he left Wohlstand. Originally it only owned territory west of Emerald Bay, but Vostok soon gifted the land Emerald Bay would soon be built upon to Emeraldia. Within the month Emeraldia would officially join the West Sea Confederation, to which they are a member to today. Soon after Ozai would cede land west of Emeraldia which would eventually lead to international conflict between the two nations. Later Emeraldia would join in the war against Bardum.

Ozai-Emeraldia War

On February 3rd, Year 4. Camaradultudor demanded the return of Western territory to Ozai. Random_Person96 had no choice but to comply to Ozan demands. By May however, Emeraldia and multiple other nations, including Montrose, had formed an alliance known as the West Sea Security Pact. Soon afterwards Emeraldia demanded the return of the land, to which Ozai declined, which led to a full on Invasion of Ozai by the WSSP. Eventually the war would end without Emeraldia regaining the territory.