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"The Montrosian World Order gains another victim." - camaradultudor on Wohlstand unallying Ozai following the third Emeraldian-Ozan war


Camaradultudor is a resident of the West Sea as founder and ex-prime minister of Wooklandia. Before this, camaradultudor was an ex-Ozan Marine Raider Commissioned Officer for Vastilis, alongside and ex-Ozan Marine Raider for Caracalistan. He is publicly known for his misdemeanors and war crimes committed during the Jugoslav-Caracali War. Because of his allegiance to Vastilis and Caracalistan, he used to be a practicer of Floppaism. Camaradultudor used to follow the Schevakian branch of the Grove Faith. He would later on abandon the Grove Faith, joining instead the polar opposite, Jusefism, and eventually, settling with Floppaism. He's currently apart of the Merchant council leading Ozai.


Camaradultudor joined the server on November 16, 2020. The very same day, camaradultudor joined Caracalistan. Soon after, he was recruited by WorkablePuffin into the Ozan Marine Raiders cell of the Caracalistan Army. Until the start of the Jugoslav-Caracali War, camaradultudor had been somewhat obeying direct rule from Caracali officials and higher-ups, being clear of any mistakes until days before the war. Camaradultudor had spent most of his time mining netherite and diamonds for Caracalistan and researching war technology in order to have a edge over his future enemies.

Jugoslav-Caracali War

BirchwoodMC publicly announcing the Kosovo wheat field bombing

Camaradultudor had been involved in the war even before its start, as he had bombed the Kosovo wheat fields, mistakenly believing that this was Jugoslavijan territory and that the war had already started.

The war between Caracalistan and Jugoslavija started on November 22, 2020 after WorkablePuffin declared that Caracalistan murdered Chipt I. Shortly after, the Ozan Marine Raiders and Ozan Engineers were sent out to organize a attack on Jugoslavija. Camaradultudor was apart of the Ozan Marine Raiders Corp that was assigned to the Lazarica region. Shortly after arriving, camaradultudor began bombing the Lazarica Zoo and killing the animals inside, committing multiple war crimes while doing so.

After successfully bombing the Lazarica Zoo, camaradultudor departed from Lazarica after two hours, following the Caracali order of withdrawal from the now in ruins Lazarica.

Six days later, the Caracalistan bunker had been exposed and seized by Jugoslavijan forces after seeing camaradultudor's name. Shortly after, camaradultudor had been caught in the now trapped and claimed bunker, and eventually died to the hands of MasterInventor and Chipt I.

Nomad-Vastilis Transition

After being bed-trapped, camaradultudor began negotiating with Jugoslavijan troops for his release. Eventually, he was offered an ultimatum by ThePoptartTARDIS in which camaradultudor would be bed-trapped for one in-game year and had to write a Jugoslavijan book of apology which stated the superiority of the Jugoslavijan army in battle, while also having to pay seven diamond blocks worth of reparations.

While waiting the five days, camaradultudor got bored and went inactive for a period of two months until he was informed that he can now leave the bed-trap as Jugoslavija had unclaimed the bunker. Following this, he was recruited into Vastilis, not before paying his debt to Vostok and BirchwoodMC. After joining Vastilis, he returned to mining and aiding the Vastilis nation as a whole. After a short period of time upon his entrance, WorkablePuffin had joined Vastilis.

Vastilis-Wooklandia Transition

During this time, internal conflicts rose as WorkablePuffin wished to murder Bingus, a Floppaism prophet owned by camaradultudor himself. While most of Vastilis did not agree with this, camaradultudor had originally agreed with WorkablePuffin but then went back on his words and denied the offer. During the ceremony, as Puffin killed a copy of Bingus; in response, camaradultudor and FlyingGMM murdered WorkablePuffin and attempted to bedtrap him.

After WorkablePuffin had escaped the bed-trap, he found refuge in the Emerald Enclave. During this period, camaradultudor transitioned into a warmonger as he had wished to murder WorkablePuffin in a vindictive act of revenge for mocking Vastilis. Soon after, camaradultudor would be kicked from Vastilis for attempting to instigate war between the two nations.

After being kicked out of Vastilis, camaradultudor became a nomad and traveled across the world in a attempt to find his new home. After a while, he eventually settled with Wooklandia, as he founded it soon after.

Wooklandia-Montrose Transition

After a month of activity, Wooklandia would see a more prosperous future by merging with Montrose, at camaradultudor's call, believing this is for the better, and to preserve Wooklandia. This would be mainly the cause of the Goon Aggression and political conflict between Goomlandia and Wooklandia.

Montrose-Ozan Transition

In an effort to return to his roots, Camaradultudor would rejoin Ozai following its reformation, and would subsequently industrialize it, awarding it with a wither skull farm and totem farm, amongst many other farms. His influential position in Ozai allowed him free reign, hence the downfall of Ozai's internaitonal reputation, as Camaradultudor was not necessarily respected internationally. He would go on to push Ozai into multiple wars, and even unallying Montrose, marking the beginning of his Montrosian hatred arc. One of his most significant arcs, it would be the boiling pot that would lead him to pitch the idea of this so called 'Montrosian World Order' and, despite mostly shitposting about it, he is often times seen being serious about this so called world order.


After announcing the creation of Wooklandia, camaradultudor declared it a republic with a democratic regime.

During his time in Wooklandia, camaradultudor instigated a territorial conflict with Goomlandia after demanding that the entirety of Kate Forest is handed to him instantly and laying claims on the area. The conflict only lasted one day, following for it to be settled without any violence from both of the sides. Shortly after, camaradultudor awarded the following Schevakian officials with honorary citizenship within Wooklandia for their aid in the conflict.

The Undecided Period

FlyingGMM announcing camaradultudor's return not being guaranteed and the possibility of him not returning

Departure from Montrose

camaradultudor would leave Montrose after being told that he cannot participate in the Grove Faith VS. FauxFord crusade, in which he wished to participate, following for him to leave Montrose temporarily, thinking that he could join back at any moment. This would lead to his The Circle role being removed, as he later on had to beg his way back into Montrose. Camaradultudor's participation in this crusade would be notable, as he was the murderer of ori_entity, while also aiding every Grove Faith combatant in every way possible. Unbeknownst to FlyingGMM was the fact that camaradultudor was participating in the war, as he was informed late, and rushed to get in game and force camaradultudor to either leave Montrose and continue the conflict or remain in Montrose but stop his participation in the conflict. However, camaradultudor eagerly picked the first option, soon leading to his removal from Montrose.

Coronation as Schevakian Emperor

camaradultudor being coronated as Emperor Kamera I by the head of the Schevakian Apostolic Church of the Grove, thepolg

camaradultudor would soon feel distaste with his decisions, but would continue fighting for the Grove Faith, considering he had nothing to lose anymore. One day after this, camaradultudor would find his home nation of Wooklandia griefed, as he blamed the FauxFord's and Bardum's members for this. With nothing to lose anymore, camaradultudor marched into the Schevakian senate and seized power. Shortly after, camaradultudor was coronated as Emperor Kamera I.

Return to Montrose

Camaradultudor's return to Montrose was mainly because he wished to return to his homeland, Wooklandia, and also return to the people that reformed him to an extent. Camaradultudor's return to Montrose was highly controversial due to Schevakia's diplomacy being limited to an extent, (i.e. only physical conflict) leading to people (mostly Goomlandians) heavily criticizing Camaradul's return.

Departure and Return. Again.

Camaradultudor would leave Montrose once again, citing his life had become 'boring' and the lifestyle in Montrose was 'generally unappealing'. He went on to create independent Wooklandia and, after a period of about two months, finally returned during the Endossi & MaddHtR08 theft sprees, saying that he is here Montrose to stay.

The Golden Period

The Permanent Departure

Camaradultudor would announce, in his 'permanent departure' announcement, that the reason for leaving '[will] remain private, as I am not a piece of shit and I don't plan on leaking Montrosian internals, but all I can say is that I did not do this because I got bored of Montrose'. He would go on to confirm, as was mostly thought, to have been following internal conflict with tagtag. He would go on to join Wohlstand and leave after a few days, rejoining Ozai upon it's reformation.

The Balandis Wipeout

Upon joining Ozai, Camaradultudor continued his attacks on Notos and eventually led Ozai into a war with a Emeraldia and Balandis. Using a proxy created for pure religious terrorism, the Floppaist Eternal Peacekeeping Brigades, he would claim Balandis' western-most island in a “special military operation”. The real intentions behind this were to truly just build a Floppaist sphinx, and more so not a real invasion. ACanadianGuy would however go forth and burn down the entirety of Wooklandia and its forests, alongside Vastilis' city and other forests. All of this happening with international support for Canadian, being glorified as the man who dared turn against Ozai. Following Canadian's burning of his homeland, camara would go on to completely remove Balandis' land from the map, reducing most of his islands to below the sea level and allow withers to roam free in his territory, mostly to make an example out of him. Soon after, he would leave LGS, citing real life and health issues.

Gartinian Union & Notos Internals Incident

Camara, sitting with okej and gymshady in a voice chat, as he did most of the times, would pitch the idea of this Union that would leave the world speechless and would push them to a superpower. A super union between Ozai, who has been a strong arm lacking manpower, with Wohlstand, who had plenty of manpower but no weaponry. The Gartinian Union served as one of the world's most powerful and largest Unions. Soon after the creation of the Union, Miksa, a Floppaist spy sent to spy on Notos and Poptart's involvement in the Ozan thefts, would manage to sneak himself into Notosians internals by joining their country, and in what was a sting operation, he would be outed for leaking said internals, leaving however with an entire download of them, those downloads having been sent to multiple people across the globe. The Gartinian Union would soon fall after Okej's departure from LGS, as inactivity began plaguing it and the two nations couldn’t simply live under the same political entity anymore.

Wohlstandic Fallout & The World Order

One of the most important and rather most harmful events to camaradultudor on a personal level would be his fallout with his closest friends, Wohlstand, following a incident in the aftermath of the Gartinian Union's disbandment. Instead of awaiting for Wohlstand to log on, he would go on to use his Guardian position to kick out every Wohlstandic member from the faction and unclaim everything, only to recreate the Ozan faction. Camaradul would also go on to respark the Ozan-WSSP conflict, with the infamous 'Montrosian World Order' leadup to it, where camaradultudor would go on to shitpost various pictures of well dressed african-americans, with various captions, somewhat related to the so called 'Montrosian World Order Downfall'. Ozai would send Random a 32 hour ultimatum, which he would not respect, leading to Ozai forcefully reannexing its lands and Montrose stepping in to help it's ally.

The Coalition


Camaradultudor was the creator of the Coalition, alongside 0kej, Haddock7 and FlyingGMM, in order to combat Endossi and Madd's theft spree against Schevakia and multiple nations. As camaradul wrote in a unpublished book, It all started during a windy but warm night in Wooklandia. I was checking my sugar cane farm to see how much it had produced, seeing a few stacks appear in my storages. I walked out of my farm, looking all around Wooklandia now, only to see a bunch of holes digged straight deep. I went over to each and checked them, as they seemed to be in a pattern, possibly checking for storages. [...] I saw one of my older storages exposed, as a two-block tall entrance straight into it was exposed. I walked inside, checked the chest and didn't notice anything gone, as those items weren't even that important. I announced this then walked to Schenektengrad, as my suspicions grew. On the way there however, I had passed by the infamous Wooklandian green cube, only to notice that it was overclaimed. Finally, my suspicions had became reality, as I checked the Schevakian faction only to notice that Brunt had been autokicked. I took a look at our claims and noticed that it went from 38 down to 24. [...] He began screensharing and started showing his logs folder very reluctantly, only for us to see it all empty. He then opened up the recycle bin all by himself to show us that all of the logs had been deleted but not permanently. He went through the long list of logs in the recycle bin only to find absolutely nothing pertaining to the date of the theft, clearly, as he had deleted it permanently in a poor attempt to mask his actions. I had heard enough, and he was quickly kicked out of the voice chat. [...] After this, my war plans were set into motion, with the mobilization of Vastilis and Wohlstand. They had both been steadfast allies by this point and participated in lots of conflict against Endossi, so they were clear on what they were doing. They came in almost instantly and offered me a hand of help. Me and the Vastilians began raiding Madd's house after we found out about it, taking his items and ransoming most of them. Shulkers, lore items, anything you name. And during that, we had found something. Brunt's books. The theft was confirmed at this point. Endossi, in a dumb and stupid manner, exposed his involvement by claiming that he was simply a witness. This did not make sense, as the means through which they stole were clearly Endossi's. Madd did not have knowledge of how to setup a tnt cannon or how to overclaim, not understanding how those mechanics worked. Endossi on the other hand, did.