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Floppaism is a religion created by WorkablePuffin, it revolves around praising the Big Floppa cat as a immortal deity that watches over the 'Great Flop' (the Floppaist interpretation of heaven) and the 'Down Flop'. (the Floppaist interpretation of hell)


The first mention of Floppaism

Floppaism has it's roots deep within the Ozan culture, starting from Caracalistan and having a worldwide presence even in the present. Floppaism was first mentioned on 11/04/2020 by the leader of Caracalistan, at the time, WorkablePuffin. The followers of Floppaism would go on to get their own cats and call them 'prophets [of Floppaism]', the first of those being Bingus. Caracalistan would go on to collapse following the Jugoslav-Caracali war and it's members would be in disarray, especially with Puffin's leadership of Caracalistan that essentially led them to the disaster. The reformist sect, mainly H0PLITE and haddock7 would depart from Caracalistan to create Vastilis, which would eventually develop to become Caracalistan's successor. Puffin would eventually return from his hiatus, only to rejoin Vastilis, a important move, as the religion would suffer drastic changes under Puffin's leadership over the Holy Church of Floppa. Puffin would create extremist measures and, once the prophets had been acquired from the Jugoslavijans, he wished to murder them, in a spiteful 'sacrifice', as he called it. This would lead to internal conflicts and would lead to Puffin being kicked out of Vastilis. The reformist sect (whom would claim to be Floppa's original followers) at this point would be taken over by those who had created Vastilis and camaradultudor. These prior events would go on to mark the beginning of the end for WorkablePuffin and his plans for Floppaism, as Floppaism would go on to be completely taken over by Vastilians.

Present Time

Floppaism, in present time, has a number of followers from multiple countries, outside of Ozai included. The second largest Floppaist minority in the world resides in Wohlstand. The idea of Floppaism and the religion itself is in constant development by the 'Saint Council', where a group of high-ranking Floppaist officials take decisions, in terms of their religion and it's followers.


The prophets of Floppaism play a big role, as they are regarded by Floppa's followers to be the 'physical representation of the deities [they] praise'. Most prophets would meet horrible fates however, as most of them would be killed in accidental incidents. The first of those being Big Floppa, who would meet his fate after being accidentally shot by a Vastilian. The second prophet who died, Bingus, would die during the Coalition times against Endossi, as he was constantly moved back and forth between Vastilis and Wooklandia.

The official Floppaist list of prophets is the following:

- Big Floppa †

- Bingus †

- Bingus Ⅱ

- Big Floppa Ⅱ