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The national colors and flag of Wooklandia.


Wooklandia is a nation located within the West Sea. As a semi-presidential republic, it was created by camaradultudor on March 2, 2020 and is located north of the Kate Forest and south of Kaab. Wooklandia is currently an estate of Montrose.


Wooklandia has gained history even after seven days of its existence, after camaradultudor, the Prime Minister of Wooklandia, publicly claimed that he will be taking control of the entirety of the Kate Forest in a attempt to force Goomlandia to change its terms regarding that terrain. During negotiations, a close friendship with Schevakia had been formed as both of the countries had history with each other and similar ideologies. After the Kate Forest crisis had ended, Wooklandia formed an mutually-defense alliance with Schevakia as a thank you. Shortly after, both The_Brunt and thepolg were awarded with honorary citizenships of Wooklandia for their actions.

A period of peace followed, where presumably, Wooklandian — Goomlandian relations would get better, however, this would be short lived, as the occupation of Goomtown by the Schevakian empire followed. Wooklandia was one o fthe main supporters during this occupation and, for this, camaradultudor would pay for his actions. goomyman77 challenged camaradultudor to the Goomtown mayor role, and both of them agreed. camaradultudor's campaign would be however short lived, as he soon realized his opponent would get most of the votes.

After the elections, camaradultudor would be banned from Goomtown, further souring the relations between the two nations.

A period of peace followed once again, however, it would be short lived aswell, as StonkseleksI and Saashin would find themselves at conflict with camaradultudor once again, during a conflict called "The Goon Aggression", where camaradultudor claimed his nation had been griefed, both sides argued until the two Goomlandian members apologized for their actions. Peace would ensue after this.


Wooklandia had been originally created in order to provide camaradultudor a home after he had been kicked out of Vastilis. Originally, it had been planned that the nation would exist somewhere in Montrose or as an already existing state in a self-governing region within another government; however, that idea was scrapped and later on redesigned for full Wooklandian independence.


While the Wooklandian military may not be bigger than one single person, the country itself has plans to expand its military. Unlike other nations, Wooklandia does not suffer lack of equipment as only one person is apart of the military itself. Weapons such as TNT are known to be in their possession, but only used as a deterrent.


The Prime Minister of Wooklandia claims that plans on developing the region have passed the vote in parliament and the development will start once the Kate Forest is fully in Wookish possession. The only buildings within Wooklandia that can be visited is the Parliament which has a tiny brewery acting as its basement. The Kate Forest also has a settlement that has been abandoned. Camaradultudor publicly claimed he has plans to either industrialize the Kate Forest or mark it as a protected park within Wooklandian soil.

The Goon Aggression

camaradultudor publicly announcing that StonkseleksI and Saashin must give him a 6 page apology letter

camaradultudor would publicly announce that StonkseleksI and Saashin must give him a apology letter, where they all apologize for their actions committed on Wooklandian soil. After they both denied, conflict followed between the two sides.

Wooklandia — Montrose Merging

Wooklandia would soon merge with Montrose after the Goon Aggression and multiple political attacks done by Goomlandia. camaradultudor would join Montrose and take Wooklandia with him on April 4th, 2021.