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Pawnch is a player who is a historical footnote in Elgeis. Though not being involved in any major events or countries on the server, he has contributed in several minor ways. He is most known for being the founder and leader of Championis, being a victim of theft resulting from war efforts made by Caracalistan during the Jugoslav-Caracali War, and the Goomtown provisional mayor during the Fake Schevakian Occupation of Goomtown. He is also known for his long periods of inactivity on the server, occasionally coming back.


Pawnch_ joined the server after a conversation with awesome_ketchup (aka Disho), mejackmac, and Warthunder18 for a after he was invited to a zoom birthday party for Disho. When the server was mentioned as a possible place to play Minecraft for the e-party and everyone suddenly acted like nothing had been said (as Pawnch was the only one oblivous to the server's existence at the time), he searched for the server and stumbled across its wiki.


Upon joining, he refused to join a country, instead inhabiting in an area in the Wilderness, particularly a piece of unclaimed land between Vailan and Kovska once known as Gayrden. He intended to make some basic structures to found his own country and surprise everyone who had kept telling him to found a country, but MiksaSerbia discovered and publicized his buildings on the dynmap about a month and a half later. He then declared statehood and formed the nation of Championis.

Life on the Server

Pawnch has experienced serveral events on the server. Listed in chronological order, they are:

  • Soon after founding Championis, he began experiencing technical issues that prevented him from joining the server. His rum that he had made and left to age been aging during that time, creating the rare rum which he dubbed Rum Van Winkle, a national treasure of Championis.
  • Being robbed by Caracalistan during the Jugoslav-Caracali War.
  • Accidentally been given a bow in his helmet slot by FlyingGMM in a server administration mistake made while tranferring the inventories of his banned friends, RedBrain144 and BuscuitAvenger.
  • Being hired by Schevakia to be the fake first provisional mayor off Goomtown during the Fake Schevakian Occupation of Goomt